Snail Mail My Email: Send Email the Old Fashioned Way, or You Could Just Get a Pen and Write a Letter

There have been a few different attempts at sending email via good old snail mail, but this is the first that looks promising to me. Snail Mail My Email sounds like an interesting service, and the big difference from other services is that your email is actually handwritten before being sent off.

snail mail email snailmailbyemail website service free

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POSTCN01 Tells You When You’ve Got Snail Mail

011910_rg_PostCheck_01.jpgDo you still receive snail mail? We do from time to time, but not that much. For some people, getting you mail involves something quite elaborate, so we can see how this little gizmo might be useful.

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Day Off

S-Sun 7000 Candlepower LED light
S-Sun 7000 Candlepower LED light

Well, my day off didn’t really turn out the way I would have liked. I started out too late and didn’t manage to get a bike ride in. There was a bit of rain, but it was just that I started going about my business too late. At least I got some sleep.

I went to the bike shop today to pick up another LED light. I had a smaller model, so I picked up the S-Sun 7000 candlepower light. The smaller light is very bright, so I expected the bigger one to be even better. It was a bit expensive, but better safe than sorry, and I had too many close calls during my night rides to not get an extra light.

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Stopper Postcard: You’ll Know How Long it Took to Deliver!

031609_rg_stopperpostcard_01.jpgIt’s a fact that everyone still has to use snail mail. The Stopper Postcard does something pretty neat. It measures the actual time it took to deliver. While it doesn’t deliver this information to you, your recipient will know how long the card took to arrive. It’s definitely something fun and interesting to send in the mail, kind of like a novelty item. The most interesting would be if the card traveled through different countries via airmail, now that would be interesting to measure.

Strange Concepts: Cryptex Mobile


With all this hype about the iPhone 3G, what happens if you weren’t able to get one last week? The iPhone 3G is pretty much sold out everywhere you look, however we found this phone really interesting. Don’t worry, this isn’t about another those so-called “iPhone killer” phones, just a new approach to something that we all use everyday.

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A Fresh Idea for Desktop Management


Information and files can be easily misplaced on our gigantic hard drives. Who among us hasn’t lost a file or searched for one buried deeply in different drives and folders?

Currently, computer file management systems force users to store files hierarchically in folders. Project get buried deeper and deeper without providing any visual clues on how to find them. The Slice computing system is a concept that seeks to change this. Organically inspired from a need to organize and interact with information, it enables users to physically interact with information, by interacting with the slice…

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Living Inside Furniture


Adapting to small living spaces has always been a challenge. This is not only a challenge in big urban cities, but also everywhere else where space is at a premium. A perfect example of this is living in Asia. Sometimes, living spaces are so tiny that you wonder how you can live in them.

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Crescendo C2 Maximus: A Table that Adjusts to Your Needs


All spaces, especially home offices, need a signature piece of furniture. Something that catches the eye and sets the space apart from all those dreary gray cubicles. In our opinion, even in a modern, technological, gadget obsessed world there’s always a place for large chunks of handcrafted wood. The Crescendo is such a piece. It can fit in either an ultra-modern workspace or a low-tech artist studio. Simple, elegant, and minimal. Something designers, and those who love them, strive for…

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Jason Calacanis Quit Blogging

Jason Calacanis quit blogging last Friday.

He decided to write a mailing list instead. He capped off the subscribers a while ago at 1000. 1000 true fans?

Mailing list?

WTF is that all about?

Mailing list. Man, I delete newsletters and mailing lists so fast, they don’t even know that they were in my inbox. I mark’em as spam, I DELETE them!

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Roundup: Top Five Alternative Keyboards


Since the first computer was booted, we’ve been using keyboards to input data. For most of us, they remain the one and only way to input info quickly and reliably, but they haven’t changed much in their form factor. They still use little keys that we clack, clack, clack our way through the day. Well, keys may soon be obsolete…

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