Pixel Block Movie Posters Offer Bitmapped Drama

These funny pixelated movie posters were created by Colorado graphic designer Eric Palmer. While some may call them them 8-bit art, they kind of look like they wouldn’t be out of place on an a 16-bit system like the Sega Genesis or SNES. That being said, most of these movies weren’t even around when either 8 or 16-bit consoles were all of the rage.

eric palmer 8 bit movie posters 3

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Star Wars Identities Posters: Your Eyes Can Deceive You; Don’t Trust Them.

Remember that Star Wars Identities museum exhibit that’s coming to Canada? Well, they’ve just released some great promotional posters. The exhibit is set to open April 19th in Montreal, Canada. It’s too bad that I now live on the other side of the world now – I actually used to live in Montreal.

Star Wars Identities Darth Vader

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Vintage Superhero Posters: Paper Fights Back

French illustrator Grégoire Guillemin created these retro posters as part of his series Exercises in Style, which remind me of the golden age of superheroes. Each poster is unique and the typography matches the overall tone of the art.

Gregoire Guillemin papercraft design superheroes art geek

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Pixelated Comic Book Superhero Movie Posters: Let’s Hope the Movies Are as Awesome as These Posters

While I don’t know how good some of these movies will be, I know that hopes are high that The Dark Knight Rises is going to be awesome. Since Thor will lead Marvel Studios to their Avengers movie. I am unsure of the result, but needless to say these pseudo-pixel posters for these upcoming comic book superhero movies look pretty amazing.

pseudo michael myers thor green lantern avengers batman posters pixel

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Star Wars Typography Quotes Classic Lines

Remember those awesome typographic Star Wars posters? While these ones may not be as visually dynamic as those, Jerod Gibson had the brilliant idea of using actual quotes from Star Wars to create his version. These great posters are available for purchase as well, so that they can adorn your walls in typographic and Star Wars goodness. That’s not all: they also come on everything from t-shirts to iPod skins.

jerod gibson star wars typography font poster t-shirt iphone ipod skin case

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Mateusz Sypien’s Star Wars Tribute Art: For Dark Siders Only

Mateusz Sypien’s Star Wars Tribute art isn’t filled with Jedis and Ewoks. Nope, it only features three characters, and they operate on the Dark Side of the Force. Well, actually only Darth Vader is officially from the Dark Side, but the other guys aren’t exactly good guys.

star wars tribute darth vader boba feet stormtrooper

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Minimal Doctor Who Posters: Who Are You?

These awesome-looking minimal Doctor Who posters feature the first six Doctors from the long running BBC science-fiction program. These minimal posters were designed by Alex Freeman and I have to say that I like them.

doctor who minimal posters alex freeman

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Retro Star Wars Posters: Wait I Thought Star Wars Was Already Retro

Pat Langton put together these nifty retro Star Wars posters. The only beef that I have is that I thought that Star Wars was already retro… Still, it’s always cool to see a re-interpretation of my favorite trilogy, by this I mean the original trilogy, not the new one!

retro star wars pat langton posters

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More Great Retro Video Game Propaganda Posters

Remember Steve Thomas’ video game art that looked like old propaganda posters? Now there are a couple of additional designs available in poster form over at ThinkGeek.

mcp tron video games retro posters think geek

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Neil Richards Dharma Initiative Wallpapers: Ah, Memories.

Yes, it’s true that Lost is finally over. Although I really enjoyed the show, I was slightly disappointed by the sixth and final season. That being said, you can remember the good old times with these great posters and wallpapers by Neil Richards.

lost tv dharma initiative station posters digital wallpapers

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