Spigen Crumena iPhone 5 Leather Pouch Offers Elegant Protection, Despite Its Odd Name

I’ve never really used pouches much for my devices, but I can see the appeal. It cuts down on the bulk of a case, and leaves your gadget devoid of any bulky add-ons when you pull it out to use it. This particular leather pouch looks particularly nice.

spigen leather pouch iphone

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Blokket Signal Jammer Pouch for Your Phone: Do Not Disturb V3.0

While I rarely switch my phone off, (i.e. never) I do like to make it shut up when I’m busy. That means that I had to adjust all my push notifications, because I don’t want an update whenever you like a cat on Facebook. That being said, with iOS 6′s Do Not Disturb, do you still need a pouch to block signals?

Blokket Signal Blocking Phone Pocket

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Evouni Nano Stand Pouch: The Standing Phone Pouch

My iPhone cases definitely do the job of protecting my smartphone, but I’ve come to realize that a pouch of some kind might be a good idea, because it would better protect the screen. Screens are vulnerable, even when you put on a screen protector, to scratches of all kind.
evouni nano stand pouch smartphone

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Evouni Leather Arc iPhone Cover: Simplicity at its Best?

There are a lot of funky iPhone cases out there, but I rather like the simplicity of this one. It’s basically just a pouch that doubles as a cover and a stand for your iPhone when rolled back.

Evouni iphone leather case 01

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