SOOT Electropack: Never Run out of Juice

Having lots of devices can be fun, but it’s a pain when you run out of juice. I’ve had to scramble to find a power plug more than once, and the external battery that I have usually doesn’t last that long. Lugging around a large battery in your backpack makes sense if you’re heading outdoors.

soot electropack battery backpack commuter 620x465

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How to Use Your Laptop for 45 Hours Without Charging

While everyone knows to carry around your iPhone or laptop charger if you’re going to be away for more than half a day, sometimes you’ll need even more extra power capacity while traveling or where outlets are in scarcity. External battery packs are expensive, but they’re also the type of tech that pays for itself after just a few times of “I’m glad I had this” moments…

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Energizer Xpal: Cheap and Effective Power Pack

082109_rg_energizerxpal_01.jpgIt’s a given that at some point your fancy smartphone will run out of power. These devices tend to suck a lot of juice, which is why there are so many different power packs available to recharge them. Most of these tend to be custom affairs, like the Mophie Juice pack since it only works for the iPhone, but this one is by Engergizer, and it will work with a slew of different gadgets.

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