Invisiplug Power Strips Hide in Plain Sight

So, how about that power squid under your desk? Is it big enough yet? Well, if you’ve got the same problem that I have, then maybe a more discreet power strip would help. Or maybe it won’t. Needless to say, it might blend in, depending on your actual flooring.

invisiplug power strip floors

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Punkt ES 01: Reduce Your Cable Squid by 75%

How big is your cable squid? Mine is pretty big, and threatening to take over more and more space on and around my desk. It’s never been easy to organize cables, but Switzerland’s Punkt seeks to change this by simply hiding away all of your cables in a sleek box.

punkt es 01 georges moanack extension socket

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Bread Bag Tags + Power Strip = Easy Identification

070511_rg_BreadTagsPowerStrips_01.jpgWe’ve mentioned using bread bag tags before to label cords, but Make intern, Tyler Moskowite took it to another level and used the common throw away item to identify all of his cords for easy identification. Instead of just plugging in your power cords haphazardly, you can use the bread tags to ensure that only the right ones stay plugged in when you need to. Some power supplies and computer peripherals are energy vampires, so it’s a good way to stay on top of things.

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Coalesse Power Pod: When is a Power Strip Not a Strip?

Most of my power strips look the same. They are made to basically hide away under a desk or in a corner, so that the resulting cable mess doesn’t take over your desktop. That’s not what Coalesse’s Power Pod is for. This handsome power strip is circular and begs to be placed in a place of prominence on your desk.

coalesse power strip pod circular design

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Power-Strip USB Hub Lets You Switch Ports On and Off

I’ve never had much luck with USB hubs, especially the cheap ones. It doesn’t take them long to fry so I found that it’s best to plug in/out ports or spend more on a decent hub. This hub is made to look like a power-strip, complete with switches.

power strip usb japan hub

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Smart Power Strips to Cut Down On Power

If there’s one thing that we hate, it’s wasting power with vampire transformer sucking in electricity even if devices aren’t plugged in. There’s just a lot of wasted energy, which can be saved if you find a solution to managing your power cords effectively. Here are a few solutions to cut down on those power-sucking cords.

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Side Wired Desk: Saves You the Trouble of Bending Over

050709_rg_side_wired_desk_01.jpgWe all have problems with wires. In a perfect world, everything would be unplggd, but since we can’t have that yet, we have to find other solutions to manage the mess of wires that are found underneath each and every desk. The Side Wired Desk is a solution to the mess of cables lurking under desks. It enables you to use the desk as an electrical hub to plug in a bunch of other stuff.

Future Shelving: A Great Way To Charge Your Gadgets

021709_rg_plugandplay_01.jpgShelving hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years. There’s nothing more boring than picking up a pair of shelves from Ikea and putting them in your pad. Most of the time, you have to mix and match and that never looks good. Thankfully, new types of shelving are coming out. This shelf is a technological piece of furniture, that will enable you to light your space, charge your gadgets and store stuff. That’s pretty nifty!

iGo Green Technology Surge Protector: A Great Way to Save Money on Power


Power strips are extremely important for any home office or home theater. They allow you to manage power efficiently. However, most power strips aren’t equivalent. Some of them allow you just to do the basics, while others allow you to do even more. We all know that if you leave your equipment plugged in, it will continue to consume power, even when it’s switched off. iGo has come up with a solution to this problem.

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