Rick’s In Spaaaaaace…..

Recently, Zug pulled a little prank – in outer space. It’s probably not the first prank in space as I bet the astronauts aboard the ISS and other spacecrafts have already pulled some pranks on each other. However, it is the first known Rickroll in space.

rickroll planet space prank zug rick astley

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iArm: Perfect to Hold All Those Gizmos On Your Arm

You’ve probably met people who have two cell phones, an iPad, a GPS and other ‘important’ gadgets that they keep glancing at while you’re talking to them. Now you can give them the prefect gift so that they can keep watching all of their gadgets at the same time, thanks to the iArm.


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Hackers + MIT + the TARDIS: The Doctor Is In!

A bunch of hackers and pranksters managed to plant a TARDIS on the top of Building 7 at MIT. Now that’s a great prank, if I’ve ever seen one! I like how unobtrusive this hack is. From a distance, you really need to squint to see that it’s the venerable old TARDIS that’s sitting right there.

mit tardis doctor who hack prank rush

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R2-D2 Observatory Conversion: Star Wars Stargazing

A bunch of hackers planned an elaborate prank. They decided to convert their campus astronomy building into a giant R2-D2. All in all, it looks awesome!

r2d2 star wars building prank fun minnesota carleton college

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