Lytro Camera: Shoot First, Focus Later Gets Real

I mentioned the Lytro light field technology a few months back, but I didn’t think that the tech would be in a consumer camera this soon. The Lytro camera is small, not that expensive, and it will most probably change the way that (at least some) people take photos. The camera was presented by Lytro in San Francisco by CEO Ren Ng, and it’s quite different from any other camera.


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2011 TIME RXR-S Cutoff Period For October Delivery

If you want to receive your 2011 TIME RXR-S for an October delivery, then the cutoff period is in 2 weeks. Orders need to be received by September 3rd. We have the TIME RXR-S Ulteam, the TIME RXR-S Black Label, and the TIME RXR-S VIP edition available for order. Both the Black Label and VIP come with handlebars as the Module+. The RXR-S comes with a stem. All RXR-S come with a bottle cage.

Send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com to order your TIME.