The Anosognosic President Woodrow Wilson

Part 3 of Errol Morris’ opus has been online for a few days, but I’ve been saving them for today. It’s one of those things that you need to completely focus on, and read word for word, no skimming allowed. Since I read thousands of articles for work every week, I tend to skim a lot of it.

The First 100 Days

A graphical depiction of what the last 12 US Presidents did during their first 100 days in office.

President Elect Barack Obama

35 incredible images of Barack Obama over at the Big Picture. These are my favorites.

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First African-American President

I can’t believe it, yet it was an overwhelming victory. I still can’t put my head around it that the US voted for an African-American president. President-elect Barack Obama galvanized voters in huge turnouts tonight.

The exit polls found that a broad majority of voters considered the economy to be the most important issue facing the nation. And Mr. Obama was viewed as much more qualified than Mr.McCain to deal with that issue.

This means that the US will pull out of Iraq. The war, the exploitation, Halliburton, the POW, this will finally stop. I wonder how people from the middle east are reacting to this news.

McCain Decides To Eat Obama’s Brain After The Debate

McCain decies to eat Obamans brain after the debate
McCain decies to eat Obaman's brain after the debate

Well at first I thought that this was a fake, something that was photoshopped. It took me a few days to finally realize that this was an actual photo taking during the end of the last debate. McCain looks like a ghoul or a zombie, preparing to feast on Obama’s nice brains.