Portable Beats: Quality Boomboxes For Every Style

040111_rg_Boomboxes_01.jpgBack in the day, everyone wanted to have a powerful boombox to play their cassettes or CDs. It didn’t really matter what kind of music you liked, it needed to be loud. Nowadays, people are more concerned about headphones and docks, but portability remains an important factor. There still are quality boomboxes that you can take with you anywhere.

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Gorgeous Stove Solutions From Stoves Sterling & Wamsler

011411_rg_StovesSterlingWamsler_01.jpgLook at this beautiful stove, have you ever seen anything like it? We haven’t and we have to say that we want it. Let’s just ask a question: what can your stove do? Wamsler stoves double as central boilers, now that’s what we like to call multi-functional.

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Energy Efficient Air Purifiers: Cleaning Air Silenty

112610_rg_EnergyEffAir_01.jpgAir purifiers are becoming more and more common, thanks to people who suffer from allergies. They are also needed in cities that are very polluted. Recently, the US embassy in Beijing ran out of adjectives to describe the air quality, so they came up with crazybad. How bad is crazybad? Pretty bad! That’s why these new energy-efficient air purifiers are nice to have around. On top of that, they are also pretty silent.

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Washing Machines: From Turkey With Love

Washing machines are necessary in almost every home. They are unlike dishwashers, since you can scrub your dishes with your hands. However, washing clothes can get tedious if you continually do handwashing. These washing machines include two that are from Turkey, which is surprising. Hit or miss? Read on to find out more!

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New Professional Style Frigidaire & Maytag Refrigerators

Larger households need larger refrigerators. It’s also very convenient to have a separate freezer. While some people don’t use the freezer all that much, we’ve personally found a large freezer is useful when preparing lunches and meals ahead of the week during those times when a busy schedule requires pre-planning. These two new appliances set themselves apart thanks to some pro-quality features and finish.

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Beautiful And Original Designed Products

A great list over at Smashing Magazine about some kick ass designed products. The Swatch bracelet watch, the aquarium sink, and the rocking chair are among my favorites.