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Quickly Adjust Volume on Macs Bit by Bit & More Tips

121511_rg_VolumeTip_01.jpgThere are good things and bad things about having a software-based volume dial. Most PC laptops have a rotary dial that allows for fine adjustments. On MacBooks, you have to press the volume up and down buttons, which aren’t always as precise. Ever since Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, you can finely adjust the volume of your Mac using this simple trick.

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NASA After the Space Shuttle Program

Nasa's Juno planetary probe

I was pretty sad when I realized that when NASA retired its STS, their aging Space Shuttle Program, there would be no replacement since President Obama scrapped Project Constellation in October 2010. It opens the door for China and India to advance in their shuttle programs or develop their own. I also thought it was pretty ironic remembering the plans of manned missions to Mars, a moon base, and other missions. Now, it’s only in science-fiction that the US has a manned space program, and even those show get canceled (Eureka and the Astreus mission, which was canceled earlier this week).

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