Cross-Platform Apps that Make Life Easier

cross platform.jpgWhile some people have their apps and content easily synced by using devices from the same company, I have a desktop PC that I use daily to work on, but Apple devices for when I’m on the go. That means that the apps I use on the road need to sync in some fashion so that I can access the work I did on my PC. Here are the ones I use daily that work well for me. More

Could You Work With a Completely Icon-less Desktop?

You’ve probably had (or have) a computer desktop littered with icons. While some people like to organize this into a semblance of order, others tend to let all of these icons just crop up on their desktops and get rid of them only when there’s no more any space left for new ones. We’ve been drifting closer and closer towards a digital workspace without icons, and here’s how we’ve done it in both OS X and Windows 7.

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How Many Apps Is Too Many?

013111_rg_TooManyApps_01.jpgWith the App store and other PC outlets providing access to thousands of new programs, it begs the question: how many apps is too many? For us, it all depends on what you do with your computer and what kind of programs are necessary to optimize both your personal and professional life. Here’s our personal take on the question…

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More Ways to Fully Uninstall Apps in OS X

012411_rg_MoreUninstallOSX_01.jpgIn a recent post, I delved into a few ways of uninstalling apps in OS X. Our readers had a few more suggestions, which led us to this roundup of apps to help clean out your programs completely. It makes sense to use an app to remove unwanted programs, to clean them fully off your Mac. Here are the ones we found, thanks to the helpful suggestions of our readers, and a few extra for good measure.

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How to Uninstall Apps in OS X

011811_rg_UninstallOSX_01.jpgIf you’re trying to manage the installed software on your Mac and if you’re wondering on how exactly this can be done, there are some easy ways of doing so in order to get it done quickly and easily. This is a good way of maintaining your computer, as you don’t want to have too many unused programs installed on your Mac.

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MacBook Pro Discounts & Which Programs to Install

On the weekend, I’ll take delivery of a MacBook Pro 17, which will become my main computing machine for the next few years. The way that I purchased it will show you how you can take advantage of the holidays and still save some money. Since I’m a PC guy, I’ll also share the different programs that I’ll install over the weekend.

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Computer Problems

As you might have guessed, I’ve been having serious computer problems since last week. I’m trying to resolve them by first backing my data from my C:\ drive, then I’ll format and install Win 7. The trouble is that the viruses might not let me do it.

After running Kaspersky 2010 the whole day, I think that I’ve gotten out of the funk, though I noticed that things get dicey when I connect to the internet with my main rig. In total, currently, Kaspersky has detected almost 200 threats.

I was using Avast before, but something broke it, probably a virus. Then I moved onto AVG, but something broke it too. I have also been facing a virus that masquarades as an antivirus, which is really insidious. Computer is now in a sort of safe mode and running antivirus programs, while not connected to the internet.

It’s kind of frustrating. I’ve spent most of the day in front of the computer watching stuff, because that’s the only thing that I could do. I needed to monitor its progress against the viruses.

I almost went out and bought a MacBook Pro 17 today, but I didn’t. I’m trying to wait as long as possible before updating my computers. A HD would probably solve my problems, but we’ll see.