Swanky Space Invaders Silk Ties: Would You Trust an Alien Around Your Neck?

These ties are perfect for the geek that needs to dress up, now and again. The Space Invaders Silk Ties are made by UK neckwear makers Projector and they come in a variety of different colors, infusing a bit of style into any geek’s attire.

projector tie etsy space invaders retro geek style wear

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Sony HDR-PJ50V Camcorder: Projector on Board

I haven’t seen the use for a dedicated camcorder in a while, but this latest HD Handycam from Sony actually sports a built-in 60-inch projector into the back of its LCD, making it interesting for people wanting to share what they record immediately.

sony handycam hd camcorder video cam hdr-pj50 projector

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Ring Projector: Cool Wedding Ring, Or Pocket-Sized Bat-Signal?

These portrait projecting rings were made by the Bristol artist Luke Jerram for his wife. They were inspired by the Stanhope optical jewelry of the 19th century. Luke worked with a jeweler named Tamrakar so that this ring can project the embedded image onto a wall when a light source is applied.

projecting ring luke jerram wedding batman

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LuminAR Robotic Lamp Packs A Projector In Its Light Socket

The way things are shaping up these days, it seems robots will soon be everywhere. My guess is that it won’t take long before they just decide to take over and we’ll be living in a Terminator-like world. In keeping with that plan, MIT researcher Natan Linder has just created a desk lamp that works as a sort of robotic assistant.

luminar mit robot pico-projector internet

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Hacking Old Laptops Into DIY Projectors

LCD projectors are great to watch movies and to play games. Having tried them out ourselves in a few different settings, we can say that there’s nothing quite like having your own home movie theater, especially when it includes one of these projectors. How about making your own?

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Look! 3M Pico-Projector Ships Later This Month


Pico-projectors have been the talk of display technology for the last few months. Finally, we will see the first pico-projector that’s ready to hit the market later this month. This comes just after Toshiba announced their version.

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Apple Portable Micro Projector

This great concept comes from designer Moti Barzilay, who decided to take things in his own hands by coming up with the iShow micro projector concept. We feel that this little projector would fit in really well in Apple’s product line. It conveys the Cupertino spirit quite well.

Liquid-Cooled LED Projector

The Taiwanese OEM manufacturer Chi Lin has created a prototype of the world’s first liquid-cooled LED projector. The liquid-cooled RGB LED light source will last for about 6 years of continuous use, meaning that you’ll be using it for a long time. It has a 100,000:1 contrast ratio at sizes up to 130 inches.

Portable PC Theater


The Portable PC Theater is a beautifully designed combo, by South Korean industrial designer Jin Woo Han. It is a computer and an LCD projector, all in one. It allows people to enjoy movies anywhere they want.

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World’s Smallest Pocket Projector


The race to fit a projector into your mobile phone is on. Soon everyone will be using their slick phones to project images, video and video conference live. Meanwhile, Mint Wireless decided to release the world’s smallest pocket projector instead. Mint Wireless, an Australian company headquartered in Sydney, has announced that their Mint V10 is the smallest commercial pocket projector in the world.

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