Tips On Going Car-Less: And Saving A Bunch of Money

Going without a car can be a challenge no matter where you live, but it’s well worth the effort since you can save hundreds of dollars per month on an assortment of payments—not to mention the fact that it’ll reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and, if you have a bike, get your body in bangin’ shape.

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15 CM

I woke up this morning. Within moments, I got a call from my wife. I was getting ready to go to school. I started drinking my tea while I was talking to her.

It was snowing.

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More Buses Near The Storytree

Photo by Wayne SQ Girard.

One time I was coming home from school. I didn’t notice that I got onto the wrong bus. This bus brought me into the middle of the city. I didn’t know what to do and got off almost at the end of the line. I managed to figure out where I was. I don’t really know how I did this.

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A Bus Nearing The Storytree

Photo by Snatched.

I used to take the bus in France when I was younger. I must have been about 8 when I started taking public transportation to my international school in Strasbourg. I wasn’t the only child on the bus.

I remember once that a bum got onto the bus. In France at the time, you had to punch your ticket yourself. Controllers would patrol the buses to inspect your tickets. Kind of like a train. The bum was told by anther passenger that he needed to punch his ticket. The bum happily took out a piece of paper and punched it. He smiled happily when he left the bus. I found that funny.