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  • On s’aime pas la face mais on peut se battre ensemble

    On s’aime pas la face mais on peut se battre ensemble

  • One night

    One night

    One more chance to say I’m sorry.

  • Winter Mornings

    Winter Mornings

  • Quebec, the Elections, and Hockety @n+1

    Interesting essay by Bherer over at n+1. While I consider myself Quebecois, I’ve never been a fan of hockey. This essay delves deep into the province’s love of hockey and the result of the most recent federal election, when the Bloc Québecois lost a lot of seats.

  • Justin Nobel in Northern Quebec With The Inuit

    Writer Justin Nobel spent a few years in Northern Quebec amidst the Inuit to find magic.

  • President Obama’s First 167 Days in Office

    I’m not American, but this series of photos of President Obama made me teary-eyed. I’m mostly Québécois. Outside Québec, we tend to be Canadians.

  • 15 Hours

    After having a crazy long numerical analysis exam, I went to the Pub with the people in math. It was fun. Lunch was paid by our departmental student association. Students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year mingled with graduate students. It was fun. Thanfully, I wasn’t teaching that day. I was actually feeling a bit…

  • Snow Storm

    It’s 3:30 and there is a snow storm outside. I still have an hour and half of classes to teach. Today, it took me over an hour to get from one class to the other. I’m thinking about cancelling that class, it’s just too far. I got up at 6:45AM and my mind was in…

  • Depanning and Charging Math

    Two of my classes this semester include specific periods where graduate students come to answer questions about the exercises we have to complete. We call these classes a charge or a dépannage. This semester, both of these guys aren’t very good. The department decided to give these teaching hours to new graduate students, who don’t…

  • Elsiane -Hybrid

    I just love the song Vaporous on their album Hybrid. For a long time, my roommate and I discussed if Elsieanne’s (the vocalist) voice was modified for her songs with computers. In the end, parts of the songs she sings as part of Elsiane (the band) sound too perfect during some pitches to be natural.