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Frigid Tuesday

I don’t know how cold it actually was, but it must have been around -33C this morning. It was warmer in the afternoon, thanks to the sun, but it got windy. It was cold enough for me to drop by my place to pick up another scarf and change into my cold weather gloves

I wore three scarves today.

One is a thin black one my wife gave me. It’s quite long, so I can wear it around my neck like a tie at all times. Well, most of the time at least. My other scarf is a polartec scarf that does well in any weather. If these two neck layers don’t work, coupled with my Thermal Pro polartec fleece and my Arc’Teryx Alpha SV jacket, I put on another scarf, a thick woolen one that goes around the neckline of my coat. It felt nice and snug.

Today, I had only two hours of classes, but I worked three. I still have another article to write before I’ll start working on some HW. I’m glad that I’m not working or have to go to school on Thursday. I’ll use the day to catch up in my HW in all of my other classes. By Friday, I should be almost up to date.


I’ve got two final exams tomorrow, plus two assignments that are due in the next two days. The assignments are completed and I’ve almost finished studying. It’s been a hard semester. I can’t wait till Friday.

On top of that, I have the same professor in those two classes. He’s allright, but I’m hoping that the finals will be easy, since he wanted to have an 80% average in his class. He models his exams on the HW he gives, so I should be good.

December 11 2008



December 10 2008

Red Isabelle

Red Isabelle

December 9 2008

Saurons eye

Sauron's eye

December 8 2008

Red lights

Red lights

December 7 2008

Red stairs

Red stairs

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