Dubious & Ludicrous Claims by Apprentice UK Contestant Melody Hossaini

I was taught by Al Gore, Desmond Tutu, and [the] Dalai Lama
Melody Hossaini

I haven’t really got the stomach to watch Celebrity Apprentice anymore, because of Trump’s egomania. His birtherism claims left me with an aftertaste, making the show almost unwatchable. However, I’ve grown to really enjoy the UK version of The Apprentice. There are no celebrities involved, which is good in my book. Here are some of the most ludicrous claims I’ve ever heard from an Apprentice contestant. Many of these idiots pad their CV and it usually comes to bite them in the ass later on.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 3

The third season of ST: Clone Wars is disappointing after a stellar second season. I don’t know why the writers decided to focus on the stories that they did, but overall, the last season was definitely a lot better. It’s too bad though, as I enjoy watching Star Wars.

Here is a good quote from E16.

My nature is to do what is selfless. My brother’s will always be to do what is selfish.
Light side Force Avatar

Men & Brothers & Spooks

I thought that this quote and reference were really interesting in this week’s Spooks.

Beethoven’s 9th, Ode to Joy.

Alle Menschen werden Brüder,
Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt

Harry, all men are brothers. That’s why we shed tears for people we don’t know
Ruth to Sir Harry Pierce in Spooks S08E08

Nic on the Storytree

He says that he thinks that food with pesticides is way better than bio food. Why I ask. He says that we have studied the effects of pesticides, insecticides and a whole bunch of other -icides on the human body for decades and it’s been thoroughly researched. For a minute, I can’t fathom what my new roommate has told me. I look at my other roommate and he is also trying not to laugh or smirk.

We tell him that people have been eating bio foods for millenia without any ill effects. We don’t know exactly how pesticides affect us and it’s ludicrous to believe otherwise. Sure out diets have changed, but the tomato in your backyard is probably healthier than a mass produced product from Chile or Brazil.

He says that bio food will mutate us. Pesticide treated food won’t.

Fatal Familial Insomnia

Fatal familial insomnia (FFI) is a very rare autosomal dominant inherited prion disease of the brain. The dominant gene responsible has been found in just 50 families worldwide; if only one parent has the gene, the offspring have a 50% chance of inheriting it and developing the disease. The disease’s genesis and the patient’s progression into complete sleeplessness is untreatable, and ultimately fatal.

Dogs and People

-Don’t you just love dogs?
-Yep, they’re like people, only without the bullshit.
Patti Hewes and Ray Fisk, in the FX show Damages.

Men and Ambitious Women

Most men can’t handle ambitious women. It may take you a few tries, but make sure that you find one who can.
Glenn Close as Patti Hewes to Ellen Parsons in the FX show Damages.


You’d be amazed at what love can do…
Linda to Abby in Survivors (2008 remake)

Yeah, but love can’t cure a paranoid schizophrenic.


So this is how liberty dies… With thunderous applause.
Natalie Portman playing Padme in Star Wars Episode 3