Banana-Shaped Radiation-Proof Handset for Conducting All Your Monkey Business

I’ve rarely had to use a handset with my smartphone, maybe that’s because I don’t talk much on it, and most earphones tend to have built-in microphones, so they are perfectly capable of acting like handsets. However, if you talk a lot on your phone, and like the feeling of an old-school handset, check out this funny-looking one, shaped like a banana.

banana radiation proof handset

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Radiation Exposure Could Be Countered By Ingesting Ex-Rad Pills


The US Department of Defense has been developing pills that will protect humans from radiation. The pills are named Ex-Rad and were developed by Onconova Therapeutics in conjunction with the DoD.

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Leaks and Contaminated Sediments Keep Radiation Near Fukushima High


Researchers presented their findings at the Fukushima Symposium conference on the 12th and 13th of November at the University of Tokyo on the radioactivity that is persisting in the ocean waters close to Japan’s failed nuclear power plant at Fukushima Daiichi.

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Fukushima Disaster Caused Butterflies to Mutate


The Fukushima disaster seems to have caused three generations of butterflies near the nuclear plant to mutate. This has raised fears that it could affect other species as well. 12% of pale grass blue butterflies (Pseudozizeeria maha) were exposed to the nuclear fallout as larvae after the tsunami-sparked disaster.

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Lapka Sensors Turn iPhones into Tricorders

Are your curious about your environment? Have you always wanted a tricorder in your pocket? Well, check out Lapka’s iPhone sensors. They will pack a bunch of sensors in a svelte, compact package that you can take everywhere with you.

lapka personal sensor monitor iphone

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Puzzling Radiation Bursts Recorded in Tree Rings 1,200 Years Ago


1,200 years ago, tree rings recorded an abnormally large radiation burst. It’s even more mysterious since this spike in carbon-14 levels indicates a massive cosmic event, but supernovae and solar flares have been ruled out.

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Sharp Pantone 5 Smartphone Detects Radiation in Cheerful Colors

After the 2011 Fukushima disaster, it totally makes sense  that Japan would be the first country to offer radiation-detecting smartphones to consumers. Softbank will offer this new Sharp Pantone 5 107SH Android phone to anyone worried about the radiation fallout from the nuclear power plant disaster.

pantone sharp softbank radiation detection phone

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iPhone Geiger Counter Module Offers Portable Radiation Detection

This hack allows for people concerned about radiation to use a Geiger counter with their iPhones. It could come in handy, especially if there are more disasters like Fukushima.

iphone geiger counter

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Radioactive Ghost Suit Installation: No, the Aliens Have Not Arrived

No, these aren’t aliens or anything like that, but this art installation by Luzinterruptus is pretty spooky. The anonymous artist group put together this haunting installation for the Hamburg Dockville Festival. It’s supposed to remind us of the dangers of nuclear power.


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Helios IX: Japan’s Radiation-Proof Robots to the Rescue!

It’s been confirmed that there was a nuclear meltdown in Fukushima, Japan. That’s why I think that the Helios IX, which was developed by the Tokyo Institute of Technology, will certainly be able to help out its human friends, since it won’t get sick or die from radiation poisoning.

robots japan helios tokyo fukushima radiation proof autonomous skynet

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