Rising Temperatures & Persistent Drought Threaten to Create a Second Dust Bowl


Rising temperatures, persistent drought, and depleted aquifers could set the stage for a second Dust Bowl, a period of drought and dust storms that affected the prairies in the USA and Canada during the 1930s.

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Lightsaber Umbrellas for the Dry Side of the Force

If you think that Mother Nature is impressed by the Dark Side, you’d be wrong – because just like anyone else, the Dark Lord of the Sith still probably got drenched in torrential downpours, unless he uses his telekinetic abilities to shield him. This Darth Vader lightsaber umbrella looks pretty solid and while it won’t Force Push the rain away, it would probably keep you (or Vader) nice and dry.

star wars darth vader umbrella lightsaber 01

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How Mosquitoes Manage to Fly in the Rain


Mosquitoes are able to fly adeptly during a rainstorm as well as under clear skies, but how do they manage that feat? Since mosquitoes weigh 50 times less than raindrops, shouldn’t they be crushed by the rain? David Hu has discovered otherwise.

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Backpack Umbrella Keeps Hands Free While Keeping You Dry

Are you the kind of person who fumbles around with an umbrella when it starts to rain? Check out this convenient backpack, which will hold your umbrella while keeping both your hands free. Best idea ever, or slightly cheesy?


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The Best in Umbrella Technology

052411techumbrellas.jpgFrom our experience, umbrellas haven’t really changed much over the years. It’s only recently that tech features have started to seep its way into umbrella designs. Thanks to science and technology, a new crop of expensive umbrellas not only keep you dry, but can offer additional features in foul weather…

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Thanko Fanbrella: Cheaper and Cooler

The first time I heard about fanbrellas was a short while ago, and I guess they make sense in very humid and wet climates. It didn’t take Thanko long to announce their version of the Fanbrella. Even though it’s cheaper, it actually looks somewhat sturdier than the one we mentioned before.

thanko fanbrella umbrella fan summer rain shine

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Technology To Help Get Through a Rainy Day

051611_rg_RainTech_00.jpgIt’s spring time and that means the occasional (or more than occasional) rainstorm. We’ve been battling the rain on and off for about two weeks now, and although it looks like there’s hope on the horizon, we’re still proponents of being ready for foul, wet weather. There are many things that you can do to take advantage of the rain, and it doesn’t need to dampen your day if you come prepared…

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