Nike Air Foamposite One Premium “Fighter Jet” Review

My Tech Top 10: Range


Hey guys, I’m Range and I’ve been a contributing writer for Unplggd for the last 4 years. Time flies! I’ve also been in Asia since 2006, teaching ESL. I’m currently a graduate student in pure mathematics. This year was a big change, technologically-speaking. I made the change from a PC to a MacBook Pro, and recently got some more Apple gear. I tend to enjoy tech that’s streamlined, works well and lasts a long time. It takes me a long time to decide what to buy, but when I do, I tend to pay cash for my purposes and use them as long as possible.


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Technological Range Hoods: The Best in Air Evacuation

When you have extra money in your budget for a luxury appliance, then you should consider getting a high-end range hood. Once people have bought a range hood, it’s rare that they change it before moving. The best range hoods have got LED lights and all sorts of features that put them a step above most common appliances. You also get a distinctive look for this price.

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5 Luxurious Gas Range Stoves: For Serious Foodies

When you are redesigning or remodeling your kitchen, if you’ve got the possibility to choose gas range stoves, then you should most definitely go for them. They make cooking that much nicer, especially if you’re a food enthusiast. Here are some luxurious gas range stoves that we’ve found.

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Meet the Re-Nest Team: Range

122810_rg_RangeFavePosts_01.jpegBlogger: Range Govindan
Started at Re-Nest: November 2010
Lives in: Currently Taipei, Taiwan, but owns a house in Urbana-Champaign, IL

Though Range has only been writing for Re-Nest since November of this year, he’s no stranger to the Apartment Therapy family. He’s been blogging over at Unplggd since July 2007, and we’re happy that he’s now sharing his eco tech expertise with Re-Nest readers.
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5 Powerful New Range Cookers and Ovens

When you’re buying a new home or moving int a new place, it’s often overwhelming to choose new appliances, if you’ve got the budget to buy some. These powerful new range cookers and ovens are most certainly distinctive and will set you kitchen apart from all of the rest.

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The Electrolux Hood That Hangs Like A Light

060410_rg_ElectroluxHoodLight_01.jpgWhile most range hoods are stationary and somewhat not that impressive, Electrolux has come up with a new idea for them. This Electrolux hood looks like a light, works like a light, but it’s also a hood. It’s an interesting idea, because a lot of range hoods haven’t changed since they were first introduced.

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A-Line’s Sturdy & Beautiful Full Range of Hoods

Hoods are necessary to properly ventilate your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean that all hoods are equal. We recently came across the full range of hoods from A-Line Appliances and we were suitably impressed.

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My Daily Tweets

This is what I tweeted about today…

  • 00:02 My Daily Tweets: #
  • 00:49 Started watching #Atonement It’s quite marvelous. #
  • 00:52 My wife is infatuated with me. She still gets insanely jealous. It’s somewhat flattering. #
  • 01:36 @wobblesmccoy I know. It took me a while to assemble a few Murakami books. Just started one Kafka today. It’s really good. #
  • 12:50 @Tortue Most NIA offices or BOCA have photo booths as well as most hospitals, Renai Hospital has one too, near Renai Rd. & Fuxing Bei Rd. #
  • 21:16 wrote 5 posts in the past hour or so. I’ve got another to do but Im taking a break now. #
  • 21:53 Hello Kitty TV Even Cuter Than Before: #
  • 21:54 watched #hitman last night again. Wasn’t too bad, but predictable. I’m going to watch #TheDarkNight tonight #
  • 21:55 The Amazing Retro-Styled Philco PC: #
  • 22:38 Ripple Is A Good Alternative to Mac Mini: #
  • 23:13 A dog has been barking nearby for 7 hours nonstop. It’s excruciatingly annoying. #
  • 23:50 11:48PM in Taipei. I’m done for the day. I wrote 6 posts. Now, it’s time for Dexter! I’m about 20 minutes into the final episode of season 4 #
  • 00:00 @wobblesmccoy 🙂 I’ve had it since about 1PM. Haven’t had time to watch it though! #

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The LuxAir Stainless Steel & Glass Island Hood

113009_rg_LuxAirHood_01.jpgWith more and more kitchens using islands as they bases for cooking ranges, it’s inevitable that hoods had to change as well. We can’t really have garishly big hoods looming over svelte kitchen islands, can we?

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