Razer Ouroboros: The Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

I can appreciate a really good gaming mouse, because most of the time these kinds of devices have no perceivable lag and usually have quite a few programmable buttons. However, most gaming mice are built in dedicated versions for either right- or left-handed users. The Razer Ouroboros seeks to please lefties and righties everywhere.

razer ouroboros gaming mouse ambidextrous

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Razer Blade Gaming Laptop: Not the First Gaming Laptop, But it Sure Looks Impressive

While Razer would like to call it the “World’s First True Gaming Laptop,” it certainly isn’t, but the new Razer Blade has got a host of impressive features which might attract hardcore gamers to this platform. It will also be something for users who are looking for high-performance laptops, and don’t want to lug around systems as heavy as traditional gaming PCs.

razer blade gaming laptop sleek

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Razer Star Wars The Old Republic Keyboard & Mouse: Gaming with the Sith

One of the best games that I’ve played was Knights of the Old Republic. Hopefully, Bioware’s upcoming title, Star Wars: The Old Republic, will be something along the same lines (in a MMORPG way). Needless to say, if you’re gaming on your PC, you’ll need a nifty keyboard and mouse combo, which is why Razer is releasing their new Old Republic-themed peripherals.


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