DIY Mason Jar Chandeliers: Easy Combo & Great Results


Mason jars! Is there anything they can’t do? From beautiful solar-powered lanterns for your back yard to whimsical lights for your home, to the mason jar light fixtures Allison showed us earlier today, these jars have many uses and you should always strive to keep them around, even if it’s just to keep some food in them.

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Pendant Glass Light Terrarium From Prague


We love terrariums. From recycled bottle terrariums to light-bulb terrariums, these little pockets of green seem to be able to put life in the strangest places. These pendant light terrariums look like a nice way of having something green and something bright at the same time. They almost look like miniature terrariums, but their overall size is big enough for everyone to enjoy.

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IKEA Malm Storage Unit Reused As Coffee Table


Finding a new way to reuse furniture is always a great feeling. IKEA furniture has its perks, and of the big ones is that you can reuse and hack it easily enough into something new. This coffee table is no exception.

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Open Built-In Fridge Space Turned Into Cabinet

022311_rg_DeadFridgeCabinet_01.jpgOnce a fridge dies, there’s not much you can do. You need to change it. The problem is somewhat harder to deal with if you are going from a built-in fridge to a non-built-in model. An enterprising hacker from Italy decided to retrofit a cabinet where his built-in fridge was located with some drawers to help organize hid kitchen better.

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Linje Wooden Espresso Machine by Øystein Helle Husby


I’ve seen quite a few different kinds of espresso machines, from the very expensive to the manual kind, including vacuum coffee makers. But this is the first that I’ve come across one that’s made out of wood. It’s a refreshing change from espresso machines that are mostly made out of metal.

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10 Eco-Friendly Substitutions For Glue, Caulk, and DIY Tools

As anyone who’s ever tried doing some DIY projects at home, you’ll know that a lot of the products that you use improving your home—glues, paints, varnishes—can be somewhat toxic. That’s why we thought that it would be a great idea to put together some green alternatives to those products. Read on for more after the jump.

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Arturo Alvarez’s Handmade Ventopop Pendant Light


There’s something magical about handmade lights. This beautiful pendant light would look amazing in many living rooms. Even though it is a limited edition and somewhat expensive, it gave me some ideas for how to get something similar and a lot cheaper in my own place.

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Sustainable Accessories From Nau


Nau is a well-known name for sustainable clothes, but we were happy to see that the 2011 Spring collection from Nau includes a few sustainable electronic accessories made from recycled polyester and wool that won’t look out of place anywhere.

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The Fuego Bioethanol Patio Light

020911_rg_FuegoPatioLight_02.jpgLighting up your patio is an old dilemma, especially if during warmer days you tend to have a lot of people over, or just like relaxing in your garden when the sun has set. These types of lights are nice since they are somewhat magical to watch and produce heat at the same time.

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Sergio Mendoza’s Recycled Lights: Crates & Pallets


There are so many fruit crates and pallets that just get wasted. This is one of the reasons why Sergio Mendoza created these lamps out of just those materials, including bits of porcelain for good measure.

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