TigerBeatDown on The Reactions of M.I.A’s Profile in NY Mag

This is an interesting take on the reactions that people have after reading M.I.A’s profile in the NY Mag.

Because no-one, in the wake of this piece, is talking about the Tamils. No-one’s talking about Sri Lanka. No-one’s talking about M.I.A.’s most provocative belief, the one that’s really threatening: The idea that violent oppression can and should be met with violent resistance, which is a complicated and scary proposition, one that people have been evaluating and fighting over for a long-ass time, one that we’re nowhere near figuring out as yet. No-one is talking about that; no-one, to be blunt, really cares. What we’re talking about, instead, is a plate of f*cking fries.

I just found it interesting that M.I.A is married to a billionaire, which definitely lessens the impact of any activism that she might have been doing before. It’s easy to be an activist while you’re sipping Crystal in your LA Mansion. A lot tougher when you’re trying to make ends meet as an artist.