Random Things to Do with Old Keyboards

It’s true that it will take some time before we rid ourselves of keyboards. I can actually see how the Microsoft Kinect tech might lead to an interface device that’s very futuristic and gesture-based and voice-based, which is pretty cool. As touchscreen, gestures and voices take over, what will we do with all those leftover keyboards? One thing’s for sure, some people are already reusing them in interesting ways.

We’ve previously featured earrings, textiles, skulls, jackets, and even a Rubik’s Cube made out of old keyboards, but here are a couple of new ideas.


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Recycling and Reusing Your Old Notebooks


My wife is fastidious when it comes to reusing old stuff instead of buying something new. Recently while going through some of her things, she accumulated enough old paper and notebooks that, once reworked, were enough to keep her stocked for the new semester.

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What to Do With Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays


For many families, Christmas isn’t Christmas without some kind of a Christmas tree. When I was younger, there was always a real Christmas tree in our home, and it usually lasted well past the holidays, decorations included. However, there comes a time when you need to get rid of your tree. How can you dispose of it responsibly?

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Lamp Made Out of Keyboard Parts: Qwertylight

Nolan Herbut’s lamp design is made out of keyboards. He meticulously created the fixture by rearranging all of parts of keys that he found from unwanted keyboards and wrapping the whole thing up.


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Our Favorite Ways To Reuse & Recycle Old Tech

110910_rg_RecycleTech_01_xx.jpgTimes have changed. Yes, there are still garage sales, but more and more people are turning to new technology to find effective ways to recycle, reuse, and donate their old technology. Electronics and computers make up a lot of the e-waste that’s created nowadays, and it’s safe to say that any tech that you can divert from a landfill and either recycle, reuse, or donate will have a major long term impact.

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What You Can Do With Outdated Laptops & Netbooks

Most people probably have one of these devices just lying around, accumulating dust. Older laptops and netbooks aren’t worth much, and usually just take up space. There are still some fun things that you can do with this outdated tech. Read on to find out more.

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Clean Sweep: Eschewing Your Old Tech

One of the things that you quickly learn when you live abroad for a while is how to eschew some of you tech and belongings to keep a clean lifestyle. It’s not always easy, but it stops you from buying larger items that you can’t bring home when you move back. Here are some tips how you can eschew some of your old tech.

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Using Social Networking to Recycle, Sell, & Donate Tech

Love it or leave it, social networking is here to stay. No matter how much you might love it or dislike it, it’s very useful when you have to connect with people you know. When you are trying to get rid or sell some old tech, one of the best ways is to leverage you social networking contacts.

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VHS Coffee Table: My Betamax Table Is Better

Just like me, you’ve probably got a bunch of VHS tapes in storage somewhere. Let’s be honest, some of us just can’t throw away some of this stuff. That’s why I really like this coffee table, made up of of old VHS tapes.

vhs coffee table hack diy recycle reuse

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Circuit Board Coffee Table: Great Reuse Of Old Tech

All the tech that we’ve got will have to be reused, recycled or dumped at some point in time. Tech garbage is on the rise, and it’s great to see that someone found some creative use out of old tech. This is a unique-looking technological coffee table.

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