DIY Solar-Powered Hot Air Balloon: Up, Up and Away!

I guess that balloons and airships are in, because they are popping up everywhere. I remember one year, there was even a personal balloon with a rotor available for $10,000 in the American Express rewards catalog. This project takes personal ballooning a step further because it’s solar-powered and you can make it yourself.

diy solar hot air balloon

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EOps Noisezero Sports+ Earphones Won’t Let Go of Your Ears

I always hate it when earbuds pop out of my ears, especially when I’m on the bike or on a run. UK designer Michael Young has come up with earphone design that will probably stay put, no matter what you are doing. Oh, and the earbuds are made from recycled plastic bottles.

eops noisezero sport michael young earbuds

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Grove SkateBacks: For iPhone Skatepunks

The last time we mentioned Grove, they had made a pretty cool iPhone case made from skateboard scraps. However, they were available as a limited edition, so there weren’t probably enough for everyone who wanted one, and they also cost more than $200. This time around, Grove has made these clever add-ons that customize the back of your iPhone, and made them accessible to all who want one.

grove skateback iphone back

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Tom Samui’s Junk Elf: from Recycled Car Parts, Not from Rivendell

Swiss artist Tom Samui has been creating junkyard wonders for the last decade or so. He works with a team of 15 people creating these amazing sculptures made out of recycled automobile parts, like this intricate elf:

tom samui switzerland artist junkyard engine elf

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Miniwiz Re-Case: Sustainable iPhone 4/4S Case Made from Trash

There are sustainable products, and then there are products that are made from recycled trash. The Miniwiz Re-Case is touted as being 100% made out of trash, which is amazing. The case is made from agricultural waste that stems from rice, which has been added to post-consumer thermo-plastics.

re-case miniwiz sustainable trash rice paper case iphone 4 4s

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Recycled Steel Ravage Transformer: An Oldie but a Goldie

For his day job, Alan Yang sells hand-painted bone China wares, but this robot is anything but that. He’s also one of those Chinese guys who likes to make awesome steel Transformers, and is part of the crew that made some of those gigantic IRL metallic bots. This Ravage Transformer is one of his own though and I have to say that I quite like it.

alan yang transformers ravage steel china

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Rubber Laptop Bags Won’t Bounce

These rubber bags aren’t made to haul your trash, but to haul your precious laptop around. The Rubber Bag Collection from PKG is made from recycled rubber, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t stylish. They can hold and protect laptops from 13-inch up to 16-inch models.

rubber bag laptop sleeve pkg recycled sustainable eco-friendly

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MapleXO & Grove iPhone Case: Created From Crashed Skateboards

These limited edition iPhone 4 cases were created by a collaboration between Grove and MapleXO. They include wood that came from old skateboard decks.

skateboard iphone case grove maplexo upcycled cover

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Sustainable Accessories From Nau


Nau is a well-known name for sustainable clothes, but we were happy to see that the 2011 Spring collection from Nau includes a few sustainable electronic accessories made from recycled polyester and wool that won’t look out of place anywhere.

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Sergio Mendoza’s Recycled Lights: Crates & Pallets


There are so many fruit crates and pallets that just get wasted. This is one of the reasons why Sergio Mendoza created these lamps out of just those materials, including bits of porcelain for good measure.

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