Survivor South Pacific Loyalties Will Be Broken & Reunion S23E15-16 (CBS)

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Well, this season of Survivor is over and Ozzy didn’t win. It came down to a puzzle, that Ozzy had ample time to complete, but just didn’t. Sophie beat him and he was out. Then, the Savaii-stacked jury had to decide the lesser of three evils, between Albert, Sophie, and Coach. Fortunately for Sophie, Coach had annoyed enough people to make the jury seriously consider the two other candidates. Unfortunately for Coach, it turned out that the jury voted massively for Sophie. I don’t really know about her. I don’t think she deserved to win. Coach made more strategic moves, but ultimately I would have liked Ozzy to win. At least he won the Player of the Game money.

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Survivor South Pacific Then There Were Five S23E14 (CBS)

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There are just some people who have dirt in their brains. Obviously Brandon is one of those. I don’t know what he was thinking, but for some reason, after having won the immunity which basically saved his ass, since all of his tribe were thinking about getting rid of him, he gives it to Albert during tribal. Albert doesn’t give it back and the promptly vote Brandon out. Brandon is stupid and ignorant in so many ways that it’s scary. I don’t think his father would be happy to find out how he went out. Other than that, it’s apparent that Albert is going home next, unless he wins immunity. He’s made an enemy of basically everyone that’s left and they are just waiting to get rid of him.

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Survivor South Pacific Ticking Time Bomb S23E13 (CBS)

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Floater Edna spends the whole episode moaning and is thankfully quickly evicted by her tribe. She tried to target Brandon, but she occupied the lowest peg in her alliance, so she was the first one to go. That being said, we all know that either Brandon or Albert is going next. If Coach were playing smart, he’d keep Brandon around. As a loose cannon, he’d probably end up alienating most of the jury, which would in turn give him more votes in the end. I don’t know if Coach will play the game strategically. They’re too obsessed with praying each day and playing the game with honor.

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Survivor South Pacific Cult Like S23E12 (CBS)

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While the edits make you think that the old Uppolu will decide to put up with Cochran for a few more days, the main alliance stayed steadfast and evicted the treacherous little bastard. By his own admission, he would have gone further in the game had he not betrayed his tribe. That just goes to show that when you totally screw things up for your old tribe, there’s no way out of it. Princess Albert is getting on people’s nerves, so he might leave before Edna will. It’s not set in stone, as Coach has blatantly told Edna that she will be the next to go, and everyone dislikes her, slightly at least. I didn’t dislike Cochran, but his move was ill-timed and while he thought that it was a “big” move, it just messed up his game.

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Survivor South Pacific Running the Show S23E10 (CBS)

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While Ozzy wins his duels at Redemption, life at camp is pretty tough for the Savaiis, unless you’re Cochran. Both Dawn and Whitney try to muster up some kind of alliance, but they fail and are evicted in this double eviction. The jury has now 4 Savaii members and it will be interesting to see how things pan out. It looks like either Edna or Cochran will be next to go, as finally the Upolu tribe has picked off the remaining Savaiis and now the real fun begins. As Matt demonstrated in the last season of Survivor, being on Redemption isn’t really a blessing because you’re out of the game. The Upolus will try to vote Ozzy out immediately, unless he wins immunity challenges. Ozzy has shown that he can’t win all challenges, so he might just get back into the game and get voted out, and buy some poor Upolu some respite.

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Survivor South Pacific Cut Throat S23E09 (CBS)

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Ozzy’s stupid plan got him evicted in this episode. There wasn’t much that he could do, since he didn’t have an idol (he wasted it on Whitney a few shows back) and he didn’t win immunity. As soon as he got eliminated from the immunity challenge, I knew how it would fall. It went according to plan and Ozzy was sent packing. This episode packed in two full tribals, so Jim tried to save himself but didn’t manage to. He also got sent packing. The Upolus are picking off the old Savaiis pretty quickly. Now that they’ve eliminated the most threatening of the Savaiis, it’s time to finish them off. Then, the game will get interesting once again.

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Survivor South Pacific Double Agent S23E08 (CBS)

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Ozzy’s stupid plan works well, since he gets to Redemption and promptly eliminates Christine. Then, he rejoins the merged tribe and Cochran hands back the immunity idol. However, no one believed his idiotic pantomime. Everybody knew that his tribe had evicted him to take care of Christine. The Upolus remained locked together. The next plan involved sending Cochran over as a flip vote to join the Upolus in order to spy for the Savaiis. It worked better than expected, since Cochran spills the beans in a couple of minutes and decides to join them instead of his old tribe. He shares his concerns and plans with Dawn, who likes it initially, but then no longer supports it.

During tribal, the vote is deadlocked. Keith and Rick are nominated. During the second vote, Cochran takes out Keith. However grandiose he believes his move was, it isn’t since he immediately blurts out how he will explain it back at camp to the Savaiis. From the previews, it now looks like the old Savaii despises Cochran and his antics. His move further ostracized him from the tribes but it looks like of all people, Brandon takes him under his wing.

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Survivor South Pacific Trojan Horse S23E07 (CBS)

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Ozzy comes up with this inane scheme of going to Redemption Island in order to take out Christine. It’s kind of stupid in my opinion, but Cochran, who’s blunder during the challenge once again made him a target, is happy to make this happen. I can appreciate gameplay, but this is a new level of stupid. Even if it works, it’s really insane. He also had to give his immunity idol to Cochran before he left. The smart thing would be if Ozzy was evicted the next time around. Naturally, there might be another 3 days before the merge, so he weakened his tribe and will have to play against one of his tribe mates during the duel. If it’s Cochran, it might be worthwhile, but still. I don’t think anyone else would have come up with this scheme. It’s way too risky.

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Survivor South Pacific Free Agent S23E06 (CBS)

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While Ozzy should have been surprised by the blindside eviction of Elyse, he should have used it to further his game, instead of throwing a hissy fit which alienated him from his alliance. His talk about being a free agent made no sense, since if his tribe decided to get rid of him, they could, even if he has the immunity idol. Ozzy has previously been evicted while holding the idol. He also revealed to everyone that he has the idol, which was another mistake. Christine won another duel, so when she comes back, she won’t be happy. I hope that the people from Redemption will return after the merge, otherwise they’ll most likely get immediately evicted, like Matt in the previous season.

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Survivor South Pacific Taste the Victory S23E05 (CBS)

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Keith and Whitney managed to absolve themselves of the responsibility of voting out Elyse, so they just voted to Dawn to cover their asses. Ozzy is going to be pissed. At least he’s got an idol. He will probably need to play it pretty soon if the others finally decide to get rid of him. Cochran was a bit annoying with his blatant efforts to look useful. He’s going to be the next one gone, followed by Dawn unless they have another hat-trick. Getting rid of Elyse was an interesting move, since Ozzy relied on her. She might be able to beat Christine in the Duel next week.

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