CubeSensors: Track the Fitness of Your Home

While fitness sensors are cool, there are plenty of other uses for remote sensors. These environmental sensors allow you to keep track of indoor spaces in your home.

cubesensors sensors remote interior app

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Stealthbot: The Sam Fisher of Robots

There are plenty of robots roaming around these days, but researchers have developed a robot that is designed to be the sneakiest robot out there. It uses background noises to mask its actual presence, which is pretty amazing.

sneaky csiro robot

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KANZ Field Power Desk Helps You Live and Work Well off the Grid

You know that when World War Z happens, you better be prepared because there’s no way that you’ll be able to charge your smartphone when the power grid is down. The KANZ Field Power Desk will help all technological zombie fighters to keep working and playing as long as the sun is still in the sky.

kanz power desk remote satellite

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Stone Spray Robot, The In Situ Robotic 3D Printer

The Stone Spray robot was created as a 3D printer to produce architecture out of soil. While technically speaking, this robot wasn’t designed to create art, the results of its efforts and the research project sure look like some interesting sculptural works.

stone spray robot 3d printer architecture beach

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Exposing 8,000 Years of Civilization with Satellites

Analysis of the locations of ancient settlements can reveal the many connections between them.

Hidden beneath mounds of Earth, in the fertile crescent of the Middle East, lie overlooked networks of small settlements that date back millennia. Archaeologists are now probing these mounds to find out more about early human settlements.

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First 3D Printed Plane: Future of Drones and UAVs?

3D printing has been used in a variety of different ways, but this is the first time that I’ve seen it being used to print out a whole airplane. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are pretty important in the military these days, and even on science missions. Now, a team from the University of Southampton has printed out a working UAV, which is kind of amazing.

3d printed plane university southampton uk future

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Water-Skier Controlled Tow Boat for Solo Show-Offs

It’s probably every water-skier’s (wet !) dream to have a remotely operated tow-boat. Although water-skiing normally requires at least two people – one to pilot the boat, and one to be pulled behind it, this thing will tow you around without needing anyone else.


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Bang & Olufsen Beo6 Remote is One Expensive, Weird Looking Remote

Yes, it’s true, Bang & Olufsen gear is quite expensive. This includes this new Beo6 remote, which is one really strange looking remote control. It’s basically a ball that has a touchscreen LCD sitting on top of it. Seems odd, but I guess that B&O have made stranger looking gear over the years.


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Remote Controlling Your Home Theater With Style

120209_rg_ThinkFlood_01.jpgThere’s nothing more annoying that being stuck with four or five different remote controls for your home theater system, especially if you have kids around, who tend to like hiding away the batteries of all remotes! Having a universal remote control makes a lot of sense, but there are always compromises with something that sounds like it will do what you desire. Here are our ideas on how you can remote control your home theater.

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Cheaper RedEye Lets iPhone Become Universal Remote

030310_rg_ThinkfloodRed_01.jpgWe liked the original RedEye product that transformed your iPhone into a universal remote control, but we thought that the $188 price tag was bit much. It looks like we weren’t the only ones thinking this, because ThinkFlood has just nixed the original RedEye and released a cheaper alternative, the RedEye Mini.

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