Fabric-Covered Blades Could Make Wind Turbines Cheaper & More Efficient

wind fabric

GE’s latest wind technology development is fabric-covered wind turbine blades, which are supposed to even more efficient that the fiberglass that is used now.

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First All Carbon Solar Cell Made from Nanotubes and Buckyballs


Scientists at Stanford University have put together the first solar cell that’s entirely made up of carbon, which is a promising alternative to the expensive materials used in photovoltaic cells today.

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London Array is the World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm


The London Array is the world’s largest offshore wind farm, and it’s currently under construction in the outer Thames Estuary in the UK. The goal of this platform is to create a 1,000 megawatt capacity.

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Spherical Glass Amplifies Solar Energy Collection


Solar energy collection has had some vast improvements over the last few years; however these new prototypes from German-born, Barcelona-based architect André Broessel are quite striking since his concept uses a spherical glass to amplify the sun’s rays for electricity generation. Traditionally, solar energy collection becomes effective on vast scales, especially in solar farms, where panels orient themselves optimally to gather the most light possible.

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Gigantic Downdraft Energy Tower Planned Near US-Mexico Border


Scientists are planning to build a massive type of new power generator in south-western Arizona, which relies on evaporative cooling to create wind. It should deliver enough energy to power a medium to large city with no negative environmental impact.

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