Broken iPhone 3G Screen? Check Out This DIY Repair

Did you just break the screen of you beloved iPhone? Annoyed at paying $200 to have Apple replace the screen? Well, Morten Skogly will give you the means to repair your screen yourself, DIY style.

diy iphone screen repair make

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10-Year Old Kid Repairs Cracked iPhone Glass For $22

When the screen of your iPhone gets cracked, the usual option entails going to an Apple store and shelling out big bucks to get your iPhone repaired. Sure, repair kits are readily available, but how easy are they to use? Take a look at this 10-year old who managed to do this repair by himself. If he can do so, you should be able to do it as well.

kid iphone repair apple phone cell broken glass

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iFixit’s Free Repair Manuals Let Everyone Try DIY

042810_rg_iFixitRepair_01.jpgRecently, iFixit announced that it was going to create easy manuals that would allow everyone to do some DIY repairs on their tech instead of just creating more e-waste. As iFixit’s founder explains, e-waste is becoming a real problem in landfills everywhere.

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Cheaply Replacing A Broken MacBook Screen

121809_rg_BrokenScreen_01.jpgUnless your MacBook screen was shot by Israeli police, like the one pictured above, you’ll probably be looking for a cheaper way of replacing that costly screen.

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Easily Repair Broken Ethernet Cables With Tie Wraps

Even though we’d like to move everything into the wireless revolution, some devices still need to be connected by cables. There’s nothing more frustrating than breaking an Ethernet cable, because once the plug breaks, it no longer holds in place, making the connection unreliable. We really liked this simple way of repairing it.

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The Michigan IPod Repairman Scam

An iPod repairman from Michigan made over $571K by defrauding Apple. He acquired 9,000 iPod Shuffles by entering serial numbers into Apple’s website, getting the iPods and reselling them fro $50. Actually, the government has been trying to seize his $571K, seven Apple computers, two vehicles, and a motorcycle. These are the things that he purchased thanks to the funds he got.

OS Crash Repaired

I’ve repaired my crashed computer. I’m running anti-virus software and anti-spyware software to eradicate the infection. I’m thinking about upgrading to Vista Ultimate this week. I will see how it goes.

It’s almost 4AM and it has been running fine since 2AM. I’ve written about 1000 words on Symria, so I’m at about 34000 words.

I’ve updated my blog. That’s pretty much it. Someone asked me how I manage to write so much. I do work from 9AM to 7:30PM five days a week.

I just sit down and type really fast. It kind of flows out of me. I’m inspired by the strangest things. I usually have at least 6 or 8 posts ready to go at any time, just to be sure. The posts are written and only need to be edited. At the same time, I’ve got new photos, new art and other things ready to be posted. It’s just a question of being disciplined and organized.