Out of India Restaurant Shida Market

I was invited out to an Indian restaurant last night. It’s called Out of India and located in the Shida market area, not far from NTNU on Shida Rd. First off, service was barely passable. The waitresses were busy, but there was no excuse for serving our entrées in the middle of the meal.

The dishes were tasty, but not tasty enough. A bit bland to be honest. They all tasted alike and none of them were spiced enough. The restaurant was also very hot. The had switched down their bigger AC and I was getting hot towards the end of the meal. I don’t know why, but I felt sick after I finished eating. It might have been the fact that I had a headache before which I got from riding in the sun that afternoon, but I don’t know. I almost felt like puking, and that’s never a good sign.

Anyway, I don’t recommend this restaurant.

November 28 2008

Tandoori chicken pizza I couldnt finish at Le Bonnet DÂne
Tandoori chicken pizza I couldn't finish at Le Bonnet D'Âne

Le Bonnet D’Âne.

November 23 2008

The bar of Le Bonnet DÂne on Myrand, in Quebec City, Canada
The bar of Le Bonnet D'Âne on Myrand, in Quebec City, Canada

Le Bonnet D’Âne. Too dark and too lazy to Photoshop.

November 4 2008

Poutine from Chez Gaston
Sylton Poutine from Chez Gaston

November 3 2008

Casse Croute Chez Gaston, famous for Poutines
Casse Croute Chez Gaston, famous for Poutines

La Pizza Restaurant

La Pizza is located on Shida Rd, on Lane 105. It’s right next to Shida (NTNU). I was told that this restaurant was expensive, but after having eaten at the 123 Taiwanese restaurant nearby and having paid $155NT (~5$) for a passable meal, I didn’t mind trying it out.

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Curry House Restaurant FAIL

The Curry House is located on a lane of Heping Rd. near Shida (NTNU) in Daan.

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