Space Invaders Silver Pendant: Wear An Alien Around Your Neck & Hope It Doesn’t Choke You to Death

What could be a better present for the geek or geekette in your life than this ultimate Space Invaders pendant? This pendant was designed by La Tête Au Cube, which roughly translates as your head cubed. The design collective collaborated with Christofle to make a new edition of the fan favorite, Space Invaders.

space invaders pendant jewelry gaming old school retro

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BigTrak Back From The 80s With Lots Of Retro Goodness

BigTrak was this cool six-wheeled toy that had built-in memory which allowed you to program a few different moves. Now, the BigTrak will be coming back later this year as the new and improved BigTrak Jr.

bigtrak toy robot retro

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Space Invader Tights For Gamer Girls

These outrageous Space Invaders tights are great for gamer girls who don’t mind wearing skin-tight clothing covered with retro pixel game art.

space invader tights geek wear

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Seiko’s PyramidTalk Makes A Comeback

For some reason, Seiko decided to reissue this clock, which was last popular when Ronald Reagan was President. You got to admit though, there is something about it.


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The Atari Laptop Old School Computer Becomes Portable

091509_rg_atarilaptop_01.jpgWith the new video gaming systems on the market, a lot of us still remember fondly where it all started. By this, we don’t mean the NES, but actually Atari and Commodore computers. These were the first home computers that didn’t take up too much space. Well, Ben Heck has modded one to become a laptop!

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That was almost my score at Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2. You get into a zone when you play this game. I swear in three languages and shout at the screen while I play. So much that my roommate came out to see what was happening. It was pretty funny.

Still, it’s a great way to relieve stress at the end of a day. My points make me the 125,000 in the world. To get into the top 100, you need to score over 100,000,000.

Final Frame: Old School Retro Calculators


Remember those old calculators? Almost all of us have had contact with these old machines. Through our fathers, mothers, brothers or even ourselves. Don’t they just look good? Large buttons and displays that lit up in the dark. It’s funny to notice that a lot of new LED clocks borrow elements of design from these old school calculators.

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