Airbus Bag2Go Smart Luggage: All It Needs to Do Now Is to Follow Me Automatically

Luggage hasn’t changed much in the last few decades, but there’s hope on the horizon. How about having suitcases with built-in GPS that you will never lose again? I’d certainly consider that, since losing your luggage can certainly get painful at times.

airbus bag2go luggage suitcase bag

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Embedding an RFID Transit Card Inside Your iPhone

After seeing Dhani Sutanto from London embedding a RFID Transit Card into a ring, Becky from Adafruit thought that it would be a cool idea to try and embed one into her iPhone.

rfid chip antenna iphone embed

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Social Jukebox Music Player: Russian Song Roulette

There are lots of different ways of sharing your music. This idea, created by Andrew Pairman of the Digital Interaction Design at the University of Dundee, is definitely unique. Each user has a wooden token that contains an RFID chip, on which you’ll find a personalized playlist. The Social Jukebox does the rest.

social jukebox music player

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RFID Clothing Hangers Do the Selling in Japan

Japan has some great retail shopping, which is why Teamlab of Japan designed some cool RFID-equipped clothing hangers. These smart hangers will help you find products and accessories that will match the garment or product you have in your hands.

japan retail sales vanquish teamlab rfid hanger clothes

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