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  • Couple Lived In Mall

    A couple took up residence in a mall as a protest. They stayed in the mall on and off for 4 years and developped a luxury 750 sqf apartment. Check out their website. (via cf)

  • Brotherhood Only A Pawn S02E07 (Showtime)

    Tommy continues to be distracted by his mistress, but when he learns that the mayor is campaigning with his opponent, he knows that something is wrong. Tommy gets serious because he wants to remain in office. He uses hard tactics. His tactics are a bit harder than his opponents, but he was pushed and he…

  • Brotherhood True Love Tends To Forget S02E06 (Showtime)

    Tommy makes a fatal mistake that might cost him the election. Tommy is also quite distracted with his mistress. Mike continues to have problems, but finds a way to deal with his issues with Freddie. Eileen is back home and things are better, but for how long?

  • Brotherhood Dear Landlord S02E05 (Showtime)

    Mike is getting tired of Freddie. Tommy is loosing focus of his political career. He misses an important opportunity. Declan falls further down the spiral.

  • Brotherhood S02E04 (Showtime)

    Mary Rose has some problems with a car. Eileen and Kath help her out. Tommy has a new mistress. Tommy gets into trouble with a real estate developer. Freddie asks Declan to clear up a problem he has with a rival whorehouse.

  • Brotherhood S02E03 (Showtime)

    We finally find out what happened to Pete and it isn’t good. Mike isn’t happy, but Freddie doesn’t let him go wild. Even when they try, it doesn’t really work.

  • Brotherhood S02E02 (Showtime)

    The second season of Brotherhood has just started and I finally took the time to watch the first few episodes. I’ll have caught up by this week. Brotherhood is a good show that reminds me a lot of the Sopranos, but is still different enough to be very interesting.

  • Brotherhood S02E01 (Showtime)

    Declan is in a bad place after beating the shit out of Michael at the end of last season. He told his wife his crimes and she left him. He has been on pills and drugs ever since. Even Moe is trying to help him, but all he gets is some attitude.

  • Brotherhood S01E11 (Showtime)

    It’s the season finale of the first season of Brotherhood. I was a bit behind, but enjoyed catching up with the show in the last week.

  • Brotherhood S01E10 (Showtime)

    It’s been more than a year since my last Brotherhood post. I stopped following the show when I moved to Taiwan. The same thing happened to Prison Break. I still enjoyed watching it, but like I mentioned before, for some shows, you need to be in a certain mood. I finally started watching the series…