2015 KTM Super Duke 1290 R Weeks 8-10

Photo by Erick Lin

When the typhoon hit, I didn’t go out on my bike. It was the same this weekend. Although I could have gone out yesterday, when the weather was nice, I was a bit too tired from the work week. I did go wash my bike this week.

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“Super Jeep” Takes up Two Lanes

You know, there’s a reason why GM shut down Hummer. Apparently, Hummer owners got five times as many traffic tickets as the average driver. Oh, and there’s that part where got like 9 miles per gallon too. Well, it looks like some dude in Morocco decided that even a Hummer wasn’t big enough for him, so he had to make his own super-size vehicle.

super jeep custom ride

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21.3 KM Dusk Bike Ride Banciao Yonghe

Xindian river, photo by David

I have been trying to go for a bike ride for the last few days, but on Friday, the wife came home and disrupted my routine. On Saturday, it didn’t pan out. Today, I was extremely tired, but drank a few strong milk teas and got ready to go on my ride. The ride felt pretty good and I knew that by the time it was over, that I still had some juice left in my legs. I could have doubled the distance. However, it was already dark and I was weary of having an accident.

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28 KM Banciao to Bitan Loop Bike Ride

Beitou incinerator

I wanted to go out yesterday, but I had to do some work and by the time I was getting ready, it was already supper and I needed to eat something. I was really itching to go out, but decided to go tomorrow. I initially wanted to go for 50-100km, but in retrospect, I think that it’s probably good that I’m starting off slowly. I wouldn’t want to injure myself. That has happened before.

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20.8 KM Xindian River Loop Bike Ride

Xindian River

On Friday, I got a Garmin Edge 500. I was sick of waiting for the Polar RS 800CX PTE to arrive, and I knew that the Garmin unit was a good deal. Total price was around $330 with an HRM. (Send me an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com if you want one, we’ve got them in stock)

I was itching to try it out and promptly did my usual Xindian River loop. I completed the run in 50:51 and my average speed was 24.7 kph. The time is slower than my previous efforts, but that’s because I was timing the whole loop. Before, I had a few recovery areas that I didn’t time. Anyway, it’s just easier to keep the timer going.

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25 KM Dusk Ride

I was extremely busy this week. It was the last week of classes and while they ended this week, it was time to setup my summer. I never really take any time off from teaching. I’ll be teaching the whole summer, which is good. I had been wanting to go out for a ride for a while, but I only managed to do so on Friday, when I had some free time. This week, I was also covering a few extra posts, which made training in the evenings impossible.

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25 KM Pre-Thunderstorm Ride

Thunderstorm and rail

I’ve been wanting to go out on a bike ride for the last few days, but the late afternoon rains always got the better of me. I got an earlier start today, so I had a few hours to kill before my next teaching gig. I took the opportunity to head out on the bike.

The cycling paths were completely deserted at around 2PM. It was a really nice time to go out. There was a fair bit of wind, and it seemed like when I hit Jonghe, it had already rained. Luckily, the wind was blowing in my favor and I managed to complete my ride without getting wet. I did get a bit dirty, but it was all in good fun.

I completed the ride in 41:38. I’m still getting used to all of the construction that they’ve completed on the cycling paths. That’s an average speed of 36.14 kph. Not bad, but at the top of my form last year, I was doing about 34 minutes for the same ride.

I guess that the annoying part was that I had to teach afterward. I was tired, hungry, and got a pulsating headache from the kids. Luckily, it was over quickly.

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