Atoms Express Modular Robotic Toys


Atoms Express Modular Toys are made for children and adults, to allow anyone to use these intelligent building blocks to create toys. Each of the blocks has a function, blue for sensors, green for action, and red for connectors. They will allow users to put together interesting modular toys, from motorized toys to iOS-controlled tanks.

Unmanned Air Force X-37B Space Plane Lands Itself at Vandenberg Base


Early Saturday morning, an unmanned Air Force space plane landed by itself at a California military base, wrapping up a 15-month clandestine mission. The spacecraft was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida in March 2011 and conducted in-orbit experiments during the mission. This was the second autonomous landing at the Vandenberg Air Force Base, which is located 130 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

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Anthromod MK2 3D-Printed Robotic Hands: Terminators Set to Arise Next Year

This 3D-printed robotic hand is fully articulated and even has an opposable thumb. It’s called the MK2 from Anthromod and I’m sure that Skynet is pretty happy that we’re doing its bidding already.

anthromod articulated 3d printed robotic hand

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Digger D-3 Robo Tank Exterminates Landmines

While this isn’t something new, since the British developed these types of tanks in WWII, the robotic Digger D-3 is a modern-day take on the mine-sweeping tank. The D-3 is remote-controlled and will crawl around a minefield digging up up landmines thanks to its flail hammers.


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LuminAR Robotic Lamp Packs A Projector In Its Light Socket

The way things are shaping up these days, it seems robots will soon be everywhere. My guess is that it won’t take long before they just decide to take over and we’ll be living in a Terminator-like world. In keeping with that plan, MIT researcher Natan Linder has just created a desk lamp that works as a sort of robotic assistant.

luminar mit robot pico-projector internet

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