Sam’s System Attic: Minimal & Clean Attic Workstation

Attics are a great place to set up a home office, if you’re running low on space. They are usually quiet, away from distractions and can get quite cozy, if you lay out your home office the right way. We really enjoy Sam’s System Attic, her home office located in her attic. It’s functional, neat, and minimal. Plus, Sam is a total Mac addict!

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Using Floating Shelves and Hidden Cables Effectively

082409_rg_cablefloat_01.jpgIn an effort to remain uncluttered and to keep a spartan working space, there are a few ways to keep things clean and tidy. Above all, we like it when wires aren’t apparent. It’s natural to have a bunch of them, especially in your home office or work area, but it’s really neat when they can easily be hidden away.

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