Hull Bug: An Underwater Roomba for Barnacles

Apparently, barnacles are a big problem for ships, which is why the Navy deployed their own version of an underwater Roomba to take care of the hulls of their ships. The Hull Bug is a robotic vacuum especially made for taking care of this problem.

hull bug navy barnacles ship robot vacuum maintenance

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Robot Invasion: A New Wave of Roomba Alternatives

031511_rg_RobotVacuum_01.jpgWhen we first saw the Roomba on late night television, we thought it was some kind of infommercial joke. A few years on, the joke is on us, with the Roomba leading the trend in robotic home cleaning. The Roomba seems to have hit a nerve for those who hate vacuuming, helping keep housekeeping duties with minimum effort, especially for large spaces. As reported earlier from CES 2011, it looks like the Roomba has some serious competition from various manufacturers looking to take Roomba’s crown…

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Windro Robot: This Roomba Does Windows

While I don’t have a Roomba, I used to have a boss who kept watching the infomercials a few years ago and finally got himself one. Love them or hate them, robot vacuum cleaners are here to stay. This latest ‘bot isn’t a Roomba, or a robot vacuum cleaner per se, but a robot which will clean your windows. Now that sounds cool.

windoro robot south korea piro cleaning windows

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MSI’s Robot Vacuums to Take On Roombas

For some people, vacuum cleaning can be a chore. It all depends on the size of your home and how dirty it is. The great thing about robot vacuum cleaners is that they do the vacuum cleaning for you. It’s kind of like living in the future, especially if you’re used to doing it weekly without any help.

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LG Announces RoboKing: An Updated Roomba Replacement

It’s great to see that another company has seen the light and has decided to offer an updated version of their robotic vacuum cleaner. It’s clearly a Roomba replacement. Competition is good as prices might get lowered.

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Samsung’s New Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

091609_rg_samsungfurot_01.jpgIf you’ve ever wanted an upgrade from your trusty old Roomba, then the Furot from Samsung might be it. It’s a given that vacuum cleaning isn’t something that everyone likes to do. Also, homes get messy quickly and having a robot around to do your chores really frees up your time.

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