Use a Rubber Band As an iPhone Grip

It seems there’s always a better iPhone case around the corner… While I don’t think I have that many iPhone cases, I do have about 8 and unlike some people boast that their iPhones are naked, and without protection, I like to have my iPhone nicely protected, so that I can sell it when I eventually upgrade. That being said, using a rubber band as simple iPhone grip is definitely a cool idea.

iphone grip rubber band

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Macro Cell Lens Band Lets Your Smartphone Get Up Close and Personal

I’ve never been one to add gizmos to my smartphone, but this handy little macro lens band does make a lot of sense, especially if you are using your cell phone to take a lot of close-ups. The added benefit is that it doesn’t cost much, but looks effective.

macro lens iphone band cell photojojo

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LEGO Gears of War Lancer Rubber Band Assault Rifle: No You Can’t Use It to Play GOW 3

This amazing life-sized Gears of Wars Lancer assault rifle is entirely made out of LEGOs, and it was made by PLUM B. The looks alone set it apart from other rifles I’ve seen, but that’s not all. This rifle features a clip-fed firing mechanism that shoots rubber bands. That probably won’t help you survive against the Locust horde, but it will sure allow you to have some fun.

lego brick gears of war rubber band gun plum b

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Wooden Rubber Band Submachine Gun: Elastics Gone Wild

Ah rubber band guns! There’s something cool about making something so complicated to launch a barrage of rubber bands. Check out this rubber band gun [JP] made by some Japanese genius, based upon the FN P90, a Belgian submachine gun.

rubber band gun submachine fn p90 wood diy japan

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