TRON Helmet Should Light Up to Make You Easier to Hit

I ride a scooter daily, and even I don’t like riding with an open-face helmet. Full-face helmets are the only way to go. But that didn’t stop the French company Ruby from designing their open-face TRON-inspired helmet.


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Pyke And Programming Languages

Here is the new header that I designed for ViralOne. I plan on updating that blog. The design isn’t completed, but it’s also getting me back into design.

Years ago, I studied computer programming. I was a decent programmer and worked for a few years in that domain. It must have been around 5 years.

Currently, my interest in programming has started once again. Honestly, when I started studying programming 1995, I really didn’t what I was getting myself into. It was only later that I really took a keen interest. I used to program in Visual Basic and C++. At the same time, I decided to pursue my interest in mathematics fulltime.

Right now, Python (with Pyke), AJAX, Ruby on Rails have my interest. Since I will be pursuing more scholarly subjects in the coming year, I plan on studying them and learning them as well. Since I have studied computer programming, I think that this will be a good challenge.

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