5.2 KM

Last night before going out for a run, I bought some ankle support bandages. As you might know, I twisted my foot in a small scooter accident a few weeks ago. It’s doing better, but I ice it down daily and keep a bandage on it at most times.

Running doesn’t hurt, but sometimes my foot will bend in a way that will hurt a little bit. Anyways, I’ve had worse injuries.

Yesterday, I had two eggs with a little bit of bacon and cheese for breakfast. For lunch I had 1L of fresh OJ. Since I had eaten something at around 10AM, I wasn’t hungry. I’ve also been watching the portions that I eat, to make sure that I don’t over eat. For late lunch at 4PM, I had a G-Pai lemon chicken pita with hummus from Sababa‘s. Their fresh mint lime sodas are incredible. I recommend the place.

After my run, I ate a mango, two eggs with ham and onions, as well as some bean sprouts and blue cheese. Three eggs is too much.

The run. I didn’t feel it at all, but I couldn’t just not run. I walked the dog after I fed the cat and had relaxed a bit. There were three runners who were a lot faster than me. Actually only two that were really fast. I was impressed. I still have trouble with my initial breathing. I feel like I’m breathing shallow. I’ll take my asthma pump along tonight to make sure that it’s not asthma. It could also be the heat, but I think that I’m used to the heat.

I didn’t think that I’d be able to run the full 5.2 km, but I just pushed through and got it over with. It was nicely exhausting. I slept well yesterday.


I didn’t really feel it today, but I felt like running anyway. It’s hard to explain. Most of the day, I was thinking that I’d be running. But in my later classes, I was extremely tired.

The run.

The run was good. It started out good and just went on being good. Tonight I didn’t do any walking during my run. I usually take 200m off from 5.2km. Tonight I just ran it straight. It felt good. I ran 5.2km in 39 minutes. It might have been 5.85km though, I lost count towards the end. I was on pace most of the time so it’s possible. Yesterday, I ran 5.2km in 37 minutes. During that run, I took 200m off by walking. That’s 200m in total out of the 5.2km.

Today I had a falafel with some salad and a mint lime soda. It was delish, but it was too much food. I have to be careful. One falafel is enough. I don’t need to eat the salad. In fact, I should keep it for later.

I drank 1L of fresh squeezed Sunkist orange juice in between classes. It was raining on and off and I didn’t have my rain gear. It’s stowed in Old Nancy, who was being repaired. I got lucky and didn’t get drenched.

When I came home, I walked Spike at around 8PM. Just getting home and getting into my workout clothes cinched the deal. I was going on a run. Knowing that I was tired, I thought of tonight as a bonus run. I didn’t think that I would be able to run 5.2km. In the end, I just barrelled through. There was another runner who was running the same track as I was, only in the opposite way. It was easy to keep pace. I didn’t really power through or did any speed training. Just a straight on run.

I had two and a half eggs with onions and ham for dinner. I was going to eat some fruit, but my wife wanted some eggs, so I obliged. I feel pretty full, but the runs have taught me to watch the sizes of the portions that I eat. I don’t want to overeat. That’s really easy to do.


I found these tips from Leo from Zenhabits quite interesting. I still have to designate a long run per week. I think I’ve got no trouble running 5 times a week at least 5km. On Saturday or Sunday, I should run a long run. Probably something like 10K.

  • Gradually increase your running until you can do 30-40 minutes of running at a time, 4 days a week. Do this increase gradually, as you should be mostly running for 15 minutes at a time by the end of Step 4 … just increase by 5 minutes each week.
  • Sign up for a 5K. If you can run for 30-40 minutes, you can complete a 5K. Sign up for one (there are races almost every weekend in many places) and participate with the idea of just finishing. Have fun doing it!
  • Once you have increased your running to 30-40 minutes at a time, designate one run a week as your “long run”. Try to increase this by 5 minutes each week, until you can do an hour or more. This is your endurance run, and it is a key to most running programs.
  • Once you’ve got endurance, you can add some hills to your program. Add hills gradually, by finding a more hilly course, and eventually adding hill repeats — run (kind of) hard up the hill, then easy down the hill, and do 3-5 repeats.
  • After hills, do a little speed workout once a week. Do intervals of a couple of minutes of medium-hard running, with a couple minutes of easy running. Make these speed workouts shorter than your normal runs — if you run for 40 minutes, do 25-30 minutes for your speed workouts. Be sure to warm up and cool down with easy running for 10 minutes.
  • Tempo runs are good workouts when you’re ready. That means a 10 minute warmup, then 20 minutes or so of running somewhere between your 10K and half-marathon pace. That means going the pace you think you can race for an hour, but only doing it for 20-30 minutes.
  • Run with a group, or run alone. Don’t always run alone or with a partner. Mix things up.
  • Find new routes. Don’t always run the same routes. Try running on a track, in a different neighborhood, on a treadmill, on trails.
  • After you’ve done a few 5Ks, sign up for a 10K. Then a half marathon. Then a marathon. But do one step at a time.

How To Go From Sedentary To Running

Given that I’ve started running again, I found it great that Leo from Zenhabits wrote an article about this.


Tonight I felt like running again, after taking a day off. I felt really energized and ready to run. However when I started, it wasn’t the same feeling. It didn’t take long for me to feel winded. I realized that I could be having some asthma, which is why my breaths feel so shallow. I just kept running on. It took 37 minutes to run 5.2KM. It’s also possible that it’s the heat. It’s over 30C and it’s the first time that I’m running in this temperature. I used to run indoors on a treadmill, but I firmly believe that going outside and running is a much better way of exercising than staying indoors. Maybe it’s also possible that I’m no longer used to these intense physical efforts. Now that I’m slimmer and thinner, it’s time to get some muscle tone back.

My wife has mentioned that since I started running, I’ve been more energetic and I like hearing that. It’s a good change. I’d recommend it to everybody. I’ll probably run again tomorrow. I’ve noticed that it’s become a ritual. I come home from work, walk the dog and then go for a run. I usually finish by 8:40-9PM and then I take a shower, relax a bit and have a bite to eat.

Today I ate some chicken and veggies with some soup for lunch. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to fill me up. Most schools in Taiwan offer lunch to teachers. I always avoid rice, noodles and tofu. I only like certain Japanese kinds of tofu, not the ones that they have at my school. I always fill up the bowl with soup. I ate an apple pear before heading back to work and running some errands. I drank 1L of fresh squeezed Sunkist orange juice. It was delish.

My class went by easily and I ran some more errands before coming home for the run. I ate three eggs with a bit of ham and onions for supper. It was enough to fill me up. I feel satiated. I might have a fruit before I call it a night.

The run.

Well, I was disappointed by how hard it was actually. It took a lot of effort. I was thinking that it would get easier, but I was wrong. The heat made it difficult to breathe properly. Actually I noticed that after 2km, you get into a rhythm of sorts. The latter part was easier. However the final part of the run was hard. I pushed myself. I could have probably continued on for a few more laps, but I felt that it was enough. I managed a little spring to catch up with another runner in front of me at the end of the run. I’m only at the beginning of my training. I give myself a minimum of two weeks before doing that 10km run.

June 20 2008


Today was another good day for running. I ran 5.2 KM in 32 minutes, which was my time for yesterday’s 4.55KM. Not bad considering that I’m not 100%. There are a few serious runners using the park as a training ground. I run laps on a predetermined route. It’s very close to home and gives me the option of running more than I originally had planned.

Tonight I was feeling yesterday’s run in my body. It didn’t take long before I felt it. It started out mostly by breathing harder than usual. However I managed to pull through.

I’d like to be able to go on a 10KM run by the end of the week. I don’t know if I’ll be at that level by then, but I’m aiming for it. Once again, I couldn’t do any interval training or sprints because of my injured foot. However I maintained a steady pace throughout the run.

Tonight, I’m feeling the runs of the weekend. I hope that some rest and a day at work will be enough for me to recuperate. I plan on running tomorrow night as well.

Today, I ate some red tuna sashimi, some bean sprouts, about a liter of OJ, lots of water, an egg, an apple pear, some litchis, a marlin steak pan cooked with onions and garlic in a tom yum sauce. We also had a brocoli and bean sprout salad to start off the evening meal. Usually, I would have just eaten fruits but my wife was hungry, so I obliged with a nice healthy meal.

The marlin steaks were good. The meat is very dense and filling. A small steak is enough to fill me up. I did overcook it a bit. Next time, I’ll try cooking it just for a few minutes. The meat is similar to the red tuna meat, so I think that it doesn’t really need to be cooked that much. However I’ve tried marlin sashimi and I didn’t like it.

A chicken breast curry is on this week’s menu. I’ll probably make a green curry. I bought some peanut satay sauce to try out with some grilled meat. This week, I also plan on drinking a lot of fresh squeezed Sunkist orange juice. I wonder if the shop that I buy it from will give me a rebate if I buy 2L a day? Just kidding, but I’ll most probably drink 2L of the stuff tomorrow. It’s just insanely good and filled with vitamins.

Today I learned that I fit quite nicely in medium sized shirts from Asia. Asia’s sizes are a bit smaller than North America’s. However I’m very surprised that I fit in those shorts. My wife bought me one and it fit well. The shirts that she bought me last year were all XL and don’t fit me now. They are too loose.

This weekend, I ran almost 10KM. I think it’s time to get some Ascics Kinsei. I’d like to get a few new running t-shirts and shorts.

4.550 KM

Tonight I ran 4.550KM. The temperature was about right and I ran slower than my usual pace. I managed to run almost 5K. I went around my “track” 7 times. I ran slower than my usual pace.


Well last Tuesday in the rain, I had to brace my scooter with my right foot. I injured the same bruise once again. I wasn’t happy. Luckily nothing was wrong and I’ve been diligently icing it down.

I ran 4.550K in about 32 minutes. For these short runs, hydration isn’t really an issue.

I did a weigh-in today. I’ve dropped some more weight. I weigh in at 78 kg (172lbs). When I arrived, I think I gained a few pounds, but since I started exercising it melted away. I’ve been eating lots of fruits, juices, shakes and the life for the past three weeks. It’s been very healthy. I’ve found my favorite drink in all of Taiwan. No it’s not an energy drink, it’s fresh squeezed orange juice made from Sunkist oranges. It tastes incredible. It costs about $60NT (~2$) for 500cc, but it’s worth it. I drank two in one day. I also drank a papaya milk. Today I saw some Sunkist oranges for sale at a fruit store in Taipei. They were selling them for $25NT (~0.83$) each. I didn’t buy any, but I most probably will. To make 500cc of OJ with those oranges takes about 4-5 oranges. The smell is incredible.

This week has been exhausting. But I’m feeling pretty good and I might go for another run tomorrow. I’ve actually toyed with the idea of running with a pack on my back, to make it more of a workout, but I’ll leave that for later.

This week, I want to be able to run 10K in one run.

Today my lunch was a mango milk, three kiwis, a dragon fruit (pitaya), and an apple pear. Total cost? 105NT (3.5$).


I used Google Maps to figure out how long the laps were around the park next to my apartment in Banqiao. It’s 650m. I ran five laps tonight. That makes about 3.250KM. It was a good run. I’m going to try and run again tomorrow night. I’ll need to run about 8 laps to run 5.2KM. That’s more than I used to run in 2006 five times a week. That’s my goal, running five or six times a week. I varied speeds. For 200m out of every lap, I ran at my top speed. Usually I did this for the last 2 minutes of my run. However I noticed that my foot is still tender and running very fast makes me feel the bruise. So I won’t run that fast.

My average speed was about 7kph, which is acceptable to start out with. Actually speed only comes into play later on in the training. First it’s to be able to run 5KM a day. Then I’ll work on the speed and maybe run 10KM in one shot once a week. That will be my goal by the end of the summer. I’ll need to buy a slim hydration pack for running. That’s always nice. It’s about 15 laps to run 10KM.

I’ve just seen this and it makes me think. I’ll be in Quebec at the end of August and I could participate in half a marathon. I doubt that I’ll be able to run more than that. 42.2KM is just too much. We’ll see how things go over the summer. I’ll decide in August.

Work Out Schedule

I managed to go for my second run this week last night. It was extremely humid and hot, about 30C, but I managed to run for about 20 minutes. I was sweating profusely afterwards. I read about hot weather running and there are some good points and bad points.

Mainly I don’t run enough for it to be a real issue. I’m hoping to be able to run 5K a day in a few weeks, which is what I used to do before.

I’ve weighed myself again just to make sure, and yes, I do weigh 79kg (174lbs).

My legs were pretty sore in the beginning of the week. That’s why I didn’t manage to run before Thursday night. I’m planning on going for a run tonight as well. Probably during the weekend as well. There are two options. Running in the morning and running at night. I prefer running at night, even though it would be better running before sunrise.

I’ve managed to stay away from too many carbs, even though at times my stomach feels empty after eating fruits. I’m working fulltime again and the schools are providing me with food. However, there is no rice on my menu anymore. This makes things a bit more complicated. Usually, I’ll just take some meat and veggies, and pour some soup over that. I’ll eat another bowl of soup afterwards. That’s enough for lunch.

I’ll eat some fruits before my 16:30 classes and I’ll have another dinner at school, usually meat and veggies. When I come back home, I’ll have more fruits. I eat guavas, lichis and papayas.