The Mindf★ck NSFW

There was this hilarious bit of dialog in Get Him to the Greek. I was mostly interested in this movie because of Russell Brand, who plays Aldous Snow, as in All This Snow, meaning quite a bit of cocaine. He plays a British rocker, whose latest album, African Child, just bombed. Puff Daddy plays Aaron Green’s, played by Jonah Hill, boss and he has to teach him about the Mind★ck. Anyway, I’m putting it behind the jump because it’s NSFW and even if I censored it, it’s full of swearwords. It’s still hilarious.

Following quote is NSFW and contains explicit language.

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Russell Brand’s Ponderland S01E01-05 (Channel 4)

If you are a fan of Russell Brand like me, you will be glad to find out that he’s back on the telly, after deciding not to do Big Brother’s Big Mouth anymore. It was a good thing that BBBM was able to salvage their season with some interesting celebrity hosts.

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