2010 TIME RXR Ulteam Clearance

2010 TIME RXR Ulteam VIP

We’ve got a few models still in stock and they’re selling at clearance prices. This is a great opportunity to get yourself a great frame at a cheaper price. Here’s what we have in stock:

2010 TIME RXR Ulteam VIP module in XXS, XS, S, XL
2010 TIME RXR Ulteam white in XXS, S and XL

This includes frames, handlebars and stems for the VIP. Send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com quickly to get yours.

2011 TIME RXR-S Ulteam Availabe For Pre-Order

2011 RXR-S Ulteam in White/Black

The 2011 TIME RXR-S Ulteam is now available on pre-order in limited quantities. The RXR-S has some changes to make it stiffer on the front end. The frame is now BB30 and a Di2-compatible version will be available for delivery in December/January. The standard models will be available for delivery in October.

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TIME RXR Ulteam Special


I’ve also got a special going on for the TIME RXR Ulteam frames. The same distributor has a special from TIME going on right now. Naturally, ordering time has also been lowered to a few weeks instead a few months.

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2011 TIME RXR-S Ulteam

2011 RXR-S

Press shots and ads have started to appear for the 2011 RXR-S from TIME. As previously announced, the module will come in BB30 and Di2-compatible varieties as well, so that’s appealing. There will probably also be a limited version like for the RXR, including a VIP module and a team module with different paintjobs.

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2010 TIME NXR Instinct

2010 TIME NXR Instinct

Justin makes a compelling argument for the new 2010 TIME NXR Instinct frame, which he built up for himself and plans to use on the back roads of New Hampshire as his daily training bike.

All frames are different. I’ve always had a penchant for the RXR Ulteam, but I’ve recently started thinking seriously about the Colnago EPS instead. The main reason is that it’s cheaper here in Taiwan to purchase a Colnago EPS than a TIME RXR Ulteam.

Just like the RXR and the RX modules, the NXR is made in France with TIME’s own carbon fiber, which they customized with more flex and damping for this bike.

As a former pro cyclist and bike shop owner, he can treat himself to a really spiffy training bike. It goes to show that getting the stiffest and lightest carbon fiber road bike isn’t always the best training bike. Training, day in and day out, takes a different kind of frame, one on which you feel extremely comfortable.

The frame weighs 1124gr, while the module weighs 1619gr. The fork is 374gr and the bottle cage is 20gr. As with all TIME frames, the NXR comes with a lifetime warranty, and that says a lot.

2010 TIME NXR Instinct

It sounds pretty cool and NXR Instinct frames sell for $5,300 USD in the US. You can match that up with Campagnolo Super Record 11 or SRAM Red, with a good pair of wheels, and you’re ready to go. The TIME frames are significantly cheaper in Taiwan. The NXR is cheaper than the Pinarello Dogma here, which is surprising since the US price for a Dogma is $5,500. Send me an email at djrange at gmail dot com or visit Asterisk*Cycles to find out more.to find out more.

This is the machine I will take on daily training rides up and down the hills of New Hampshire and over the rough, back country dirt roads that link one good climb to the next. Much akin to the VRS Vibraser, the NXR has extra shock absorbing Vibraser fibers (yes, they do work even though you can’t see them) woven into the tubes. As with all Times, this frameset also has specially layed up braids of carbon thus controlling the ride characteristics of each and every different size frame.