Clopen Shelf Hides Away Valuables on the Inside

If you’re worried about the safety of your valuables, or are just looking for some extra storage, check out the Clopen shelf by Torafu Architects. The skinny shelf contains a secret, hidden drawer that allows you to hide your valuables away from prying eyes.

clopen torafu architects shelf safe

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Goruck Backpacks Keep Your Gear Safe While Looking Great

A well-made backpack will allow you to travel with most of your gear without breaking your back. Goruck backpacks are for serious people with serious stuff to carry around. They’ll keep your items dry and are made to be tough enough to survive your daily travels without a hitch.

goruck echo backpack military grade

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Mega Man Explains Safe Sex

Ah, sex education! Thanks to this 8-bit parody, you won’t have to explain the birds and the bees to anyone. Just link to this video, and they’ll know all about safe sex.

mega man safe sex 8-bit retro gaming

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Lexon Safe Bamboo And Bio-plastic Calculators, Clocks And Radios

If you care about the environment, you’ll love that Lexon has just announced a new range of small appliances powered by renewable energy.

lexon safe green renewable radio

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How to Keep That Laptop Locked Away from Nosy Roommates

081709_rg_dormvault_01.jpgSo, you’re moving into a new place with roommates. Even if your roommate seems nice, do you really trust him/her completely, with all of your belongings? We think that trust is earned and in a communal living arrangement, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You wouldn’t want that brand spanking new laptop that you just got for school to be stolen by your roommates or their friends.

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Fringe Safe S01E10 (Fox)

The St-Jean-Baptiste Church in my neighbourhood

It’s fitting that this show will premiere on Fox, since this was the network of the X-Files. Fringe has got much in common with the X-Files, yet it is different. Fringe is the latest show of wunderkind J.J. Abrams. Like most new shows, the pilot was leaked on the internet a few weeks ago.

Just like a few other shows, like True Blood, I’m happily surprised by Fringe. The production values are great and I’m enjoying it a lot. A lot of money has been pumped into this show, and it just looks fabulous. The protagonists are also an interesting bunch. There isn’t much more that we learn of the Pattern, but Massive Dynamics is most definitely deeply connected with those events, even though they aren’t sharing their information with Agent Dunham.

I think that this show takes a few common elements from Alias, especially for all the things that concerned the mystic scholar Milo Rambaldi. The same kind of esoteric science is involved in this show. It’s done very well. I’d actually like to see this type of mystic science have more of an impact on the show. It would suit the show very well. A bit of the supernatural wouldn’t be bad either.

Warning: spoilers ahead

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