Bell Rogue Helmet: Ride Like a Stormtrooper

When you’re riding a motorcycle, you need protection. Personally, after having a couple of minor accidents, I can appreciate the idea of a full-face helmet, especially if you like to ride fast. The Bell Rogue Helmet helps protect your face from bugs and wind while looking totally badass.

bell rogue helmet dude

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LumaHelm Light-up Helmet Improves Cyclist Safety

It’s reasonable to say that riding a bike in traffic can get dangerous quickly. That’s why I think that the LumaHelm is such a good idea – since it adds much needed visibility to cyclists, also allowing other vehicles to know exactly where they are going.

lumahelm smart led helmet bicycle

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Owl 360 Rear View Bike Camera: Safety Improvement, or an Accident Waiting to Happen?

If you bike a lot, you know that anything that distracts you from the road ahead will potentially cause an accident. I’ve had a few, and one of them actually just involved playing with my cycling computer. I ended up in the hospital. I’m concerned that the Owl 360 camera, which promises to let you check up what’s behind you on your bike, will end up causing more accidents that it saves. Then again, it’s cool to have the option of having eyes in the back of your head.

owl 360 bike rear facing camera accident

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Reasons Why You Should Be Careful About Facebook Places

082410facebookprivatebrowsing.jpgFacebook just recently unveiled their new location-based feature called Facebook Places. It allows your ‘friends’ to know where you are and at what time, making it easy to hook up and have some impromptu fun. However, there’s a darker side to this feature you might want to know about before leaving this feature on.

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Heighten Home Security With Astak Mole Webcam

112009_rg_AstakMole_01.jpgIf you want to setup a not too expensive way of looking into your home, and getting some interesting security features, then you should look at the Astak Mole webcam. Read on to find out more!

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Are Marathons Safe?

Over at the Well blog of the NYT, Tara Parker Pope wonders if marathons are safe. As an endurance sport, if you aren’t well trained or well prepared, they can be dangerous. Her research indicates that triathlons are even more dangerous. How about ultra-marathons?

Another interesting post is about running barefoot, but that’s already been mentioned on this blog. Running barefoot is good for you.