Starbucks Japan Sakura Collection

On a recent visit to a Starbucks, I eventually looked up at the product displays. This was after I had ordered and finally looked up, after having seen some spring festival cards on display.

Sketching Again & Colour-A-Month Moleskine

Drawing I completed today¹

I currently use an A5 En Maruman 126.5 g/m² sketchpad daily. It’s the right size and easy to lug around. I also do my daily journaling in MS Color-A-Month. I haven’t been drawing as much as I wanted to over the last few years. I used to draw a lot when I was younger.

Peek at my library with lots of sketchbooks hidden behind mathbooks

I have a bunch of notebooks that are ready to sketch, though I am weary of starting or continuing my A5 Watercolor Moleskine. I feel that I need to rediscover and get better before starting on those. I’ve even got a big A4 Moleskine Sketchbook that I’m waiting to start. For now, the Maruman does well.

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Today is my busiest day at work. On top of that, a professor wanted to reschedule some classes that we missed last week today. I managed to get there and it was helpful since we have an exam this week in that class, Numerical Linear Algebra.

It took me about 20 minutes this morning to make my lunch for the whole day. When you are tired, things take longer. I’ve got a few minutes before going to my 3hrs of work today. Things are rolling. I bought a Moleskine notebook, for watercolors. I figure that it would do the job for ink paintings as well. I got a 6 pen Sakura Micron set as well (.005-1mm). I’ll try to post a few pieces of art later this week. Even though I have a lot less time right now, I’m thinking about opening an Etsy shop to sell the pieces that I create. I’ll ruminate over this in the coming weeks and try to produce some new stuff.

Close Calls With Art Supplies

I’ve had a few close calls driving my scooter around Taipei recently.

It’s nothing really worth mentioning, but I’d thought I write about it because it’s in the forefront of my mind.

Being on a scooter or motorcycle in Taipei is inevitable. It’s cheap, fast and an effective way of getting around the city. Nothing beats a scooter to go fast around town. Seriously.

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