Laptop Prerequisites: Stuff You Need, Want & Love

I’m currently gearing myself up for my next laptop. It’s been a while and I definitely need to upgrade. I’ve managed to use my desktop and older laptop for as long as possible. Now that I’m checking out the different stuff that’s available, what is the stuff that you need, want, and love about your laptop?

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Tech Desires: What Should You Buy & Save For?

Even though most of us live on a budget, it doesn’t stop us from wanting to get more tech. If money would be no object, I’d probably be sporting an iPhone, iPad, and a few other gizmos that I don’t currently own. With that being said, what’s the tech you should save for and buy?

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How to Monitor Your Home Utilities Usage Using Webcams and Google Android

060809_rg_howto_util_01.jpgIt’s always good to find new ways of saving money. One of the easiest ways is monitoring the amount of electricity that you use, plus the amount of water and gas. This lets you see how to curtail needless spending. We’ve featured a bunch of different devices that can help you with this, but there are currently none available that let you monitor the amount of water and gas that your home spends. Moto Labs have come up with an innovative, yet time consuming way of doing this.

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