Going From Tech Consumer Addict to Tech Purist

I’ve been involved with the Internet in some form or the other since my early university days as a programmer. This is one of the reasons why the social networking craze didn’t really make me as giddy as some of my friends; I had been chatting on mIRC and custom web apps for a while before ditching it for IM. As such, I’ve been able to change my use of technology from a typical consumer model to something different than the norm.

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Trane’s Deluxe Programmable Digital Thermostat

110309_rg_tranexl800_01.jpgEveryone knows that using a programmable thermostat is a must if you heat during winters. The trouble is that most people don’t know how to program them or they just don’t do it. Most of the costs of these thermostats is offset within a year, making them ideal to save some money this winter.

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From Suburbs To Sailboats

Great testimonial over at Mytropicalparadise how a couple switched from the daily grind to living on a sailboat.