Structure Sensor for iPad: 3D Scanning to Go

When I decided to get an iPad instead of a Kindle to read my books, it opened up new realms of possibilities. The iPad is the first computer I switch on during the day, and the last to be switched off. There are lots of nifty things you can use the iPad for, and soon you’ll be able to use it as a 3D object scanner.

structure sensor ipad 620x415

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Doxie Go Scanner: For Those Still Dealing with Mounds of Paper

Even though there are apps for using smartphones as portable scanners, they don’t always get all of the details, and it’s tough to get a steady image. That’s one of the reasons why Doxie’s portable scanners are useful for people trying to rid themselves of paper in their offices.

doxie go scanner

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Trimensional iPhone App Scans Your Face in 3D, Then Lets You Print Your Ugly Mug

I’ve heard plenty about 3D printing, but this is probably the first iPhone app that will scan your face in 3D and allow you to render a 3D model of your face. It’s kind of amazing what the iPhone can do, isn’t it? The app is from Trimensional and it will cost you $1 (USD).

trimensional app 3d scanner iphone ios software

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What TSA Full Body Scanners Are Interested in: Penis Size

TSA scanners are interested in one and only one thing: measuring your penis size for national security.

Using a Digital Camera As a Document Scanner

111710_rg_CameraAsScanner_01.jpgWhile most homes have an old scanner hanging around, there have been a few situations in which I’ve needed one and had to improvise. Any modern DSLR or point-and-shoot will do a good impression of a scanner when you don’t have one on hand.

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The Bar Scene on a Frigid Night

I went to a bar last night with my roommates and our guests. We had Daniele and Elizabetta over for dinner. Lorenzo made his homemade pizza and I helped JP make a croustarde aux framboises et bleuets. It’s a crumbler made with frozen raspberries and blueberries. Three of the people there spoke Italian, so it was a bit hard to follow their conversation. I only understand a few words here and there, and the meaning of some sentences, but I think it’s a good idea to be surrounded by other languages.

It had started to become quite cold in the recent week. Because of the wind gusts, temperatures plummeted to about -15C. The food and company was excellent. Afterward, they played some foosball on the table that we have. Both of my roommates had already broken one of the levers. They broke another one last night. That means another one that they have to replace.

Instead of calling it a night, we went to the Scanner, a bar within walking distance of all of our apartments. It must have been 10 years since I had last been in the Scanner. There was a punk/electro show that night and we paid $3 to get in. The main reason for going there was that the foosball table was free, so they didn’t pay anything to play. The night before, I decided not to go out. I was planning on when I learned that some old DJ friends were in town, but it was just too cold and I made up my mind just too late.

I don’t really like the bar scene. It’s strange to be in a bar. The kids were having fun. Most of the patrons were young. I spotted a strangely dressed girl playing pool with a guy. She looked interesting. I noticed quite a few girls with tattoos on their backs, showcasing them for everyone to see. I should have lugged my camera, but in recent days I’ve gotten frustrated with the fact that I didn’t bring my shoulder camera bag with me from Taiwan. That makes me lug around a backpack wherever I go when I want to take my camera. Anyway, don’t worry, I’ve taken a lot of pictures in November, I just haven’t downloaded them from my CF card nor uploaded them to my Zooomr account. I’ll follow through today.

Back to the bar scene. It’s strange. It’s not like the meat market of the Taipei club scene. There is something about Québecois women, since they are francophones. I schooled my foreign friends on the etiquette of dating and the codewords that Québecois women use, and their implications.

On va prendre un café ensemble?

On prends un café ensemble chez moi?

And other variations on the same theme mean only one thing here in Québec. After about an hour of watching them play, I got bored and walked back home. I walked quickly since I didn’t have enough layers on. Hopefully, I didn’t catch a cold.