Tech to Get Through A Busy Week

012111_rg_TechBusyWeek_01.jpgRecently, my schedule changed for a few weeks. There’s nothing I can do about it, but it means a lot more work and skipping naps in favor or a lunchtime 25-minute power nap. When you’re at work for 10 hours a day, then have to head back home for more work, you need to be organized so that you can get through the week. Here is some tech that will get you through the day.

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Our Tips For Managing Grueling Schedules Effectively

As someone who works a lot and still manages to get things done, I thought I’d share how I manage to do it. Sometimes, when I start speaking about my weekly schedule to acquaintances, they get a shocked look in their eyes. I know that this can easily overwhelm people who have a job and just get through the day. However, managing multiple work assignments can be done quite simply if you’re well organized.

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My New Daily Routine

Usual art supply suspects: Tombow ABT, Sakura Pigma

For the month of July, my daily routine wasn’t that filled up. I still worked about 8 hours a day, but it was nothing to write home about. Now, for the month of August and probably for the rest of the year, I’ll be following this routine, which includes 35 hours/week of teaching, 10-15 hours/week on writing, 10-20 hours/week on my business, Asterisk*Cycles.

The trick in surviving grueling routines and long days are power naps as well as little pockets of goodness, which are easily wasted if you aren’t careful.

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New Editing Schedule

The new schedule for one of my freelance gigs is up and it’s a challenge. Instead of reposting stuff, the editors want us to publish more original stuff. This usually takes longer. While I’m getting ready to leave for Taiwan, things haven’t been easy. In fact, things are going to get really hectic in the next few days.

I’m going to be looking for a few new gigs starting right now. Ideally, I’d like to be working full time as a freelancer. But that isn’t easy and part time suited me. If I can work full time starting this month as a freelancer, I wouldn’t turn it down.

Since I would be in Taiwan starting this Friday, I’d be on another schedule. Still, it will be interesting.

I’ve finished reading Anathem by Neal Stephenson in two days. It was a pretty good book. I also read The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds in a few hours on Saturday. That one was excellent. Not to say that Anathem wasn’t good. Anathem was fabulous. I really liked the whole way that he talked about the polycosm and different worldlines. It got confusing, but it was interesting.

Giving Notice And Moving On

I’ve given notice at my jobs that I will be leaving in the second week of January last week. Things have started to get awkward. I haven’t really disclosed anything to the staff. I’m letting the boss take care of that.

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Echoes Of Presence

My wife.

When you live with someone you’ve known for a long time, it’s always nice to be reminded that you aren’t living alone. My wife and I work grueling schedules and still manage to see each other. Not as much as we would want, but it’s manageable.

I really enjoy seeing the echoes of her presence in the apartment. I can tell when she’s been on the computer, what she’s eaten. I can tell what she has been doing. I find this comforting at the times, when I wish she’d be with me instead of out there.

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