5 Tips to Finding Affordable Tutors

082311_rg_AffordableTutors_01.jpgWhen your child needs help with their homework, or you just want your children to go beyond the curriculum of your school, be it in creative writing, mathematics, science, or other subjects, finding the right tutor is key since this will usually be an ongoing relationship for at least a couple of weeks to a few years. Tutoring has become a serious business in the last few years, with many private companies specializing in different fields. These can be a godsend, but they can get expensive quickly. Here’s how to find a more affordable tutor, that will work just as well.

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ZooGue BinderPad: Hide Your iPad During Class

If you find yourself teetering and tottering around campus with a pile of books, while precariously balancing your iPad on top of the stack, then the BinderPad is for you. It will allow you to easily carry your beloved iPad around along with your school books.

binderpad ipad apple zoogue case binder school

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Coffee, Food & Grad School

Another column by Robert Isenberg over at McSweeney’s playing a standardized patient.

In the thick of grad school, I have lifted restrictions on two things: caffeine, and food. I will spend any amount of money on caffeine and food, consume them in whatever quantity, because I spend dawn until midnight rushing from job to second job to class to home, and I never know when I’ll be able to recharge.

And actor-grad-students? No Danish or bag of Funyuns is too stale, as long as it’s readily available.

If Martha and I were artists, she would be an illustrator for The Saturday Evening Post, and I would paint watercolors of clouds.

These men seem less like medical students than aspiring movie stars.

By then, surgeons could still smoke in the operating room (one senior doctor once told me that he would balance his ashtray on a sleeping patient’s chest).

Giving Lectures & Presentations in Graduate Classes (Commutative Algebra)†

Introduction to Commutative Algebra

Last Thursday, I gave my first lecture in a graduate  class of mathematics. There were three other students in that class, and the professor. All of the students were graduate students in Algebra. I was the sole person in Analysis. At first, this intimate setting was pretty daunting. I hadn’t taken the class last semester and the prof obviously didn’t like me being part of it¹.

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Recycling and Reusing Your Old Notebooks


My wife is fastidious when it comes to reusing old stuff instead of buying something new. Recently while going through some of her things, she accumulated enough old paper and notebooks that, once reworked, were enough to keep her stocked for the new semester.

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Hacking Your Daily Routines to Be More Efficient

We all get into routines and sometimes, they aren’t easy to break. Take a look at all of the New Year’s resolutions that are quickly broken because we can’t fall out of bad habits, we need to actively hack them to better ourselves. Here are some tips to hack your routines, whether you’re at work, at school, or at home.

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Back At School

It’s good to be back at school. I missed most of last week because I was teaching 30 hours. I didn’t miss much³, but I felt terrible. In the future, I won’t want to miss any school at all. My classmates were actually worried about me, which was kind of nice.

I ran some errands.

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A New Lunch Bunch

The Washington Post has got some great lunch ideas. They’ve got 4 5-day plans that you can check out. I usually pick up something at school for $2. It includes rice, veggies and meat. It’s healthy enough, but I could do better. It’s hard to find something comparable though, even if you make your own lunch. One of the easiest things to make are chicken and bean salads, which I made for myself last semester. They taste great and are pretty filling. Include some cottage cheese and it’s really good.

Racial Slurs

I’ve been called monkey twice at a school. This wasn’t intended as in, “oh you cheeky monkey”, but intended as a racial slur. I brought the offending kids to the teaching director to have her deal with them.

I don’t take kindly of any type of racism.

The Taiwanese will downplay this. Oh they were just having fun, they didn’t mean anything by it. Oh, he didn’t mean anything. I don’t give a rat’s ass. It’s offensive and I won’t have it.

Combatting Racism

Hi Alex,

It has come to my attention that you weren’t truthful with me. It’s funny that you said that you didn’t need any teachers to me and then go and try recruit my wife to sub for you yesterday, after you screwed me out of 6 weeks of work. When I started to deal with your school, you made it clear that you needed me for those weeks. In order to accommodate you, I refused other jobs. I reserved that time for your school. I found it quite insulting that you just told me on a whim late on a Sunday that you wouldn’t need me anymore.

I should have known better. It all boils down to racism. Your school has racist policies. The fact that I’m not a white Canadian is what it boils down to. What I can’t believe is how you just blatantly lied to my face, telling me that I’d be working in August, when you knew you’d just try to find someone else. This was just to placate me so I wouldn’t make a scene.

You might not know that I am a freelance journalist and I will writing about this. Your school receives a failing grade.

This is a letter that I didn’t write to a school I’ve had dealings with. I’ve reported before about how much racism I encounter when I go to jobs. This was just a little too much. On top of being racist, they totally screwed me out of work, work which I could have easily found elsewhere if they hadn’t lied to me so much.

Ah well, life in Taiwan is sometimes about getting screwed by the Taiwanese.

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