True Blood Scratches S02E03 (HBO)

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This series is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries books by Charlaine Harris. It tells the story of how humans and vampires co-exist in a small southern town. Personally, I’ve never read the books, so I don’t know how accurate the adaptation is. However, it is quite interesting. It’s a good twist on the mythos.

There are loads of vampire shows out there. Most recently, Moonlight was canceled from CBS. Some of them are successful, others aren’t. The pilot was interesting. I’ve never seen a show explore the relationship between vampires and humans.

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Cover Scratches On Your New iMac With ColorWare

113009_rg_colorwaremac_01.jpgIt’s a known fact that almost all iMacs looks the same. Granted, they look pretty darn awesome, but after a while, you’ll want to have something that looks somewhat unique. Also, no matter how careful you are, you’ll always end up with a few scratches.

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